Featured Character: Vladira

by Lady Isabella

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your character...

A: Ok, about me, I have many other characters here at PH. I do different genres here. From Horror, to Comedy, to History and Action. I have a love for Ancient History, such as Ancient Egypt, but, I do enjoy the Classic Horror as well. (ie: Bram Stoker's Dracula, etc.) I do love to read!

I have other characters here. "Morgana LeFitte", "Nesihonsu", "Ledara Potter", and of course "Elvira"! As in the "Mistress of the Dark".

Vladira is a Vampiress from the old Carpathian Mountains. As she is in 3 Novels here at PH as a Vampiress, she is of different ages. In Tempest's Sanctuary, I do two different areas there. As a Mortal, who became lost and ended up at "Lost Civilization". And, then as a Vampiress in "Streets of Paris" & "Moulin Rouge", My character is around 900+ years old, and has a consort, Count Erich Collier (NPC), and has created a new chylde, Christine de Lioncourt. Vladira is also one of the leaders of a vampire group called "The Tribe". She has a fondness and respect for another vampiress named "Calliope".

At "Crimson Kiss", Vladira is only arund 150 - 160 years old, but, had a chylde named "Deianira", of whom she is fondly attached to. She has become awarer of her senses and how she has begun to change, physically as well as mentally. At "Under a Blood Red Moon", she's over 900, in Reno, Nevada, she has rekindled an old flame with a vampire named "JeanClaude". They enjoy each other's pleasures, as well as enjoy hunting for a good feast together. At the 1830's New Orleans, Vladira has a Plantation named "Plantation du Lucarda", and she brings her prey back for a good time, then feeds. She has a reputation in New Orleans with many other vampires.

"Dream of Vesuvius", Vladira is a vampiress and a singer at "The Silver Sestersis". I am also a She-Elf at "By the Shadows of Dawn". She is the "Keeper" of the Elven history for her homeland. And, has married her betrothed, Lord Theyar (NPC).

I am also at "Pagan Place", as a paranormalist with extremely heightened senses. She can sense any paranormal activity and can interact with them. "Amore Mortal", Vladira is a rich woman who is currently being held against her will in her own vacation home by a mysterious man.

And at "666 West End Drive", Vladira has a mysterious past, involving many strange things. She tends to dabble in the "Dark Arts".

Q: Why did you join PH?

A: " I was at the old "Ancient Sites", and as I was at the renewed site for it, one of the other members told me about PH. I joined almost 2 years ago, and have been enjoying it ever since. My writing and html skills have actually improved since I have been here.

I also enjoy how friendly and helpful the people are here.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a member here at Pan Historia?

A: I enjoy the different areas to work with as I use a character. I find how helpful and friendly people are here. The way people interact with each other here in the Novels and Research Books.

I have written here with many excellent writers. I really enjoy having the ability to write with the people here. As well as learn more and more about doing htmls. I have learned more about how to do decorating for web pages, and really bringing out the looks of a character at their home.

Q: What are your greatest accomplishments, either in RL or here at Pan?

A: I have improved on writing and htmls here. I have been able to use my imagination here a lot more as I write. I have actually considered doing a few short stories involving a couple of my characters here. Maybe even do a novelette involving them. "Vladira" and one of my other characters, "Morgana LeFitte" both have potential to be worked with.

I have become better at building web pages. I have been working on my Family Genealogy web page, as I go along. PH has been quite helpful to me.

Q: When visiting your home it is obvious that you are a Horror genre fan.*S* Do you have a favorite novel that is in this genre?

A: I do enjoy "Crimson Kiss" and "Tempest's Sanctuary". Both novels are wonderful to work with using a Vampiress character. The groups with these novels are wonderful writers. Many of us are open to suggestions as we go along. Good communication at them helps.

Writing the posts for a vampiress character actually has been quite easy, I have found. I have many ideas to work with on Vladira.

Was there a specific book or author that that peaked your interest in this genre?
I really couldn't say any specific book or author peaked my interest in horror. I have been a fan of the old classic horror films, pre 1970. I have had the fastination in the old horror stories for years.

I was re-reading my copy of Anne Rice's "The Mummy, or Rameses The Damned", and had remembered reading back in High School, a copy of a missing chapter from "Bram Stoker's Dracula", of which I have in a book here at home. I thought up my character of "Vladira" one night, and since I had an extra character I hadn't used yet, I created her. "Lady Vladira Lucarda" was born!

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