The Road Goes Ever On and On: Tolkienmoot

by Eowyn

At long last, we have been able to witness “The Return of the King”, and one more part of J.R.R. Tolkien’s tale of Middle-Earth has been put to screen. Now, the adventures of Frodo and his faithful Sam, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, Merry and Pippin, and of course Gandalf the White have drawn to an end. The One Ring is no more, has been destroyed by Gollum who shared the fate of “his preciousss”.

However, there is much more to be read, discussed and discovered. To begin with, there is the story of the Finding of the Ring, which to us is known as “The Hobbit”. A children’s tale or really the overture to the trilogy (which Tolkien never called a trilogy)? Then, there is “The Silmarillion”, a collection of stories concerning the Creation of Arda, the Wars against the first Dark Lord, Morgoth, the Destruction of Beleriand and Númenor. Tales that have been referred to in “The Lord of the Rings”, but we never really knew what they were about. Last not least, there is “The History of Middle-Earth”, which to date consists of fourteen volumes.

Here at PanHistoria, two novels and one reference book are centred around the world the Oxford professor invented and once more, Middle-Earth comes to life. Tolkienmoot attempts to provide you with the background you will need for your roleplay in either of the two novels. For this, or maybe because only by chance, it is this editions featured reference book.

Already an indispensable part of the “World of Tolkien” on PanHistoria, it will hopefully grow even more. However, this of course does not only depend on the Members of the Board, of which Zoe is to be named especially. It is every member who brought his own knowledge into the discussion and made “Tolkienmoot” the friendly and warm group of people it now is.

So, if you search for information on Tolkien’s writing, or just a place to meet nice people, drop by this gathering of Tolkien fans.

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