Thin Harvest

by Myrrhine

The more observant among the fans of the Pan Historian may notice that this edition is a little thin - the crops seem to have failed ever so slightly as we put this edition together. But we here at the Pan Historian News Desk like to think that what we lack in quantity we make up in quality.

Having spent my entire life no more than 20 kilometers from the city centre, harvest is still something that happens out in the country for me. My mother tells the odd story of grape harvest in the wine growing region in which she grew up, but the concept is still pretty alien to me. My grandmother on the other hand grew up on a strawberry farm in Europe and reading Jolene's lovely article about her childhood sounds really quite similar to tales my grandma tells when she is in the mood to reminise.

As always our features personalities and books recieve our heartiest congratulations and the interviews are a must read as always. Don't forget to watch out for that nomination thread for the next edition - we rely on you to tell us who the most interesting people at Pan are so we can hunt them down and interrogate interview them for your reading pleasure.

Dr Neferbath is taking a break this edition, and being the longest serving columnist on the paper we sincerely hope he is on holiday and not suffering some malady. He promises to return with his medical column next time around.

We hope you enjoy the harvest edition of the paper, and as always we look forward to your contributions to the next edition - due in December!

Pan Historia