Featured Reference Book: Seafaring

by Captain StarCastle

There is an element of the magician in every seafarer who sailed the ocean and seas of the past, as well as those who continue to make their trade on the open seas. They can predict the weather by the haze in the sky or by a change in the smell of the salt air. In the past they could identify a school of fish by the way the water roiled. They could locate seldom-visited spots in the open ocean, not by landmarks—for there were none—but by the contours of the bottom and the patterns of the tidal runs.

Seafarers possess many other qualities as well: an ability to endure boredom, loneliness, and separation; instincts, honed by experience, that trigger instantaneous responses to sudden emergencies; loyalty to one another, coupled with faith in themselves; a fierce independence, sometimes at the expense of comfort and family.

Above all, the men and women of the sea possess a profound, abiding, unwavering respect for the sea. He or she may enjoy the sea, may profit from it, may hate it and wish to leave it, but one and all they know that their lives continue only at the sufferance of the sea. She is both mistress, temptress and salvation to the SEAFARER…

The Reference Book SEAFARING is a place for the in depth discussion of the sea and its people, and places of the sea. Tradesmen, Pirates, Privateers, Buccaneers, Seafarers, Sailors of past—the ships they sailed, the stories they told, how they lived and died, how fortunes were made and lost; Ships made famous by their cargos, their captains, or their ultimate demise; and the ports and islands those bold SEAFARERS invaded, conquered, populated, and made famous over the centuries...but most of all, SEAFARING is a place to discuss the ageless time fondly referred to as “The Golden Age of Piracy.” A place to gather and learn more about those men and women who were labeled PIRATES, SCALLYWAGS, and BUCCANEERS…Men and Women who carved out a piece of history in the name of PIRACY and the SEA.

At SEAFARING you will see discussions about all those famed, NOTORIOUS PIRATES you’ve read or heard about; their endeavors, who they sailed with, their ships, and how they survived or didn’t survive—their weapons and poetry, SONGS AND SHANTIES. Learn too how the seafarer lived while at sea as they voyaged the world’s oceans. Read what life was like aboard a pirate ship before the modern luxuries associated with sailing today, their dinning habits and honored traditions and customs at PIRATE LIFESTYLES. Discuss the ships these men and women sailed, treasures they hunted down, as well as current events that celebrate the AGE OF PIRACY. Learn the parts and workings of the TALL SHIPS that sailed the open waters in search of adventure…and all the MYSTERY OF THE SEAS that still live on in legend today.

SEAFARING is for all who love the sea, or the ships that sailed her. Or for those who seek to learn more about what it takes to be a pirate…so when they decide that a PIRATE’S life is the life for them, they will be ready…

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