Featured Novel: Pathways of Sherwood Forest

by Maid Marian

The legend of Robin Hood is a story that is dear to many a heart. Some enjoy the history, just as some enjoy the actually legend and romance of it all. 'Pathways of Sherwood Forest' has it all! Whether you would like to ride with the infamous Robin and rob the rich to give to the poor, or play the opposite side and get revenge on the thief, we welcome you!

We are always looking for more interested and dedicated members. There are still some major roles up for grabs! If you are interested in any particular role, or just would like to be a villager creating your own story line, we want you!

In the quiet foliage of Sherwood Forest, where outlaws lurk 'round every tree, adventure, love and friendship can blossom like flowers in the spring, and there is no limit to the paths one can take.

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