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The Reference Books
of Pan Historia

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Why Reference Books?

Reference Books Can Save Your Life
by Tank Girl
This is my recommendation testimonial for the Reference Books at Pan Historia. My tribute to the citationary aspects of the evidential bearing which Reference Books fill their pages.

Reference Books are important because these are the books that you can refer to when you require a reference. Often one is referred to a Reference Book when one is searching for research resources, a factual fixture to hook a line of argument to. You can not fly a flag without the rope; where-in the flag is a postulated concept of an idea the reference then becomes the rope, a form of solid foundation as it were. Seeking a site to cite a source, monitoring for a mention of meaningful information to format a factual discourse often leads the researcher in search of sites to cite and the reference book refers one through the mountain of mots to the center of the core matters pertaining to the subject objectively speaking. Simply stated, Reference Books are where the sites are.

Reference Books are the sacred tomes of literature, the architecture of the world library of intellectual pursuit, the lines on the information highway denoting the lanes, accesses and exits for human ideation and perception of the ontological structures and substructures of the encyclopedic warehouse of knowledge.

What are we talking about here?
The Information Highway itself… over-passes, underpasses, cloverleafs and intersections. Speedbumps too, and the variable rates of achieved and perceived velocities. Some are zooming merrily about in their Neons, accessing and freely participating via normal economical moderate bandwidth… others are in Ferraris pushing the envelope with highspeed super conductive bandwidth access… while the proud and the few remain on the crude rudimentary dial-up bandwidth access driving stuff like a T-34… it is not how fast you drive but rather how you drive fast!

Exercise #1

Look up the latest and greatest Ferrari. Yes, it is very fast, sleek, excellent car. Very chic and saucy too.

Look up a T-34.

Using the reference data avail predict the outcome of both vehicles at maximum velocities. What are the results for…?

a) The vehicles colliding in the same direction.
b) The vehicles colliding perpendicularly
c) The vehicles colliding head on.

Welcome to the wonderful world of reference books. It could just save your life.

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