Featured Novel: Beyond the Northwoods

by Solitaire


What can you say about the only novel [that I know of]
That has a PG rating?
Well its Christmas, and you can believe in anything,
So here is the place to do just that- and it's allowed!
Beyond the Northwoods has been many people's favourite for a long time,
It is full of innocence and hope
OK, so I did drop that evil Devo in a spider web
When she had the nerve to escape my clutches as a beetle.
But never say die, she is a slippery customer.

Beyond the Northwoods was one of the first novels in Pan and has
Gone through many reincarnations
I know I have seen most of them, including this latest one that has only just begun.
Even when Pan was down
We played in the Junction; of course it was a poetry game.
But we all hung in there waiting to go home.
Even so we keep coming back to begin the novel anew
An old home full of hope and innocence when times get rough.
So put on your Santa hat or reindeer ears and join us
With your best sugar plum dreams in
Beyond the Northwoods.

Pan Historia