Featured Character Nick Stokes, Lover or Liar?

by Goldberry

Nick Stokes, a handsome man of courage, kindness, and outrageous wits. The prestege Deputy US Marshall Wyatt Earp had this to say about him: "I never met a man more eager to get in trouble." Lately we interviewed Mr. Stokes about his career here at Pan Historia.

Q: Why do you write?

A: I write because I enjoy being able to create scenarios with my words. I get to be a director to any film or play I choose. It's so versatile and flexible; Panhistoria is an amazing place to let that happen.

Q: How did you find Pan Historia?

A: good friend of mine sent me an email and said "You're going to love this site, its right up your street" and they were right!

Q: Your character actively participates in four extremely different novels. He's a bandit in 'Tombstone', a romantic in 'Isle of Time', a Slytherin wizard in 'Hogwarts', and a CSI agent in 'Tango Cattivo'. Each of these characters are different yet with the same name, which is your favorite and why?

A: My god! You're right! *grin*. Well, I joined Tango first because Nick Stokes is of course lifted shamelessly from CSI, one of my favorite shows. Isle in Time is also amazing, I've got a great writing partner and that's essential in Pan. But I have to say, that my favorite one is Tombstone, it's got such a homely atmosphere and the cast are so amiable and fun to write with, I'm really getting some great repartee going with them, and I get to exercise my 'bad' side, which is always fun.

Q: Nick Stokes has not been a character at Pan Historia for a very long time, yet you have posted many long, interesting posts. Where do you find your inspiration?

A: I think it's the staple diet of books I've been reading since I was a kid. And let's not forget TV. Reading is very important I think because everything's been done before in a variety of amazing and not so amazing ways. The ability to rehash, alternate and create new fiction with old ideas is what it's all about in my opinion, and it's worked for me this far!

Q: Do you find your real-life blends with your characters?

A: Yes, I don't think it's possible to write a character without part of you being there in it. I mean my character's have got my sense of humor, they can do things that I couldn't do...or wouldn't do!! But they're essentially parts of me extended and warped into variations of real life.

Q: What is your favorite word and why?

A: It keeps changing on a regular basis, but I think at the moment my favorite word is: meh. I know, it's so small and simple. But I love the apathy it generates. The word I used most is probably...gently. It always seems to appear in my posts somewhere.

Q: Any last comments?

A: I'd just like to thank everyone who voted for me, you are all great and wonderful people! I look forward to writing with you all in the future in a wide variety of genres.
*waves goodbye and bows*

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