Song & Dance

Who knew when we suggested devoting this edition of the Pan Historian to Song & Dance that we would get such an overwhelming number of articles flood us? It would seem that the inhabitants of Pan Historia love their music.

If you've ever wanted to know more about the Blues, then head directly to Alanis Archer's article and put something appropriate on the stereo. Claudia Carataca Miranda writes a lovely tribute to her father and shares with us all some of his music - don't go past this article for a taste of some beautiful guitar. Paris of Troy, Rides the wind and Kai write of their personal connection with music and give us a window on their personalities by nominating some of their favourite musicians and music choices. Panda focusses on dancing and gives us some wonderful descriptions of the dancing tribes you will find at any music event and Molly Tarr shares some interesting musical history in her article about the how the American National Athem came to be in the form we know it today.

You may have noticed that we no longer have featured characters. They have morphed into featured personalities for this and future editions to avoid confusion with other site titles, but you will find six fascinating and entertaining interviews as always. We've also introduced a new feature, the Featured Blog and we congratulate Mary on being the inaugral interviewee and Goldberry for thinking up the idea in the first place.

Of course it wouldn't be the Pan Historian without your questions being answered by our resident columnists Agatha Agnes Adeline Jones and Inkompotep Neferbath.

We hope you enjoy the song & dance edition!

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