Interview with Lady Gwendolen

by Lady Isabella

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

The real me or the online me? Not that there is much difference as what you see is very much what you get. Gwendolen is an extension of myself: her mannerisms, her turns of phrase, her tendency to be emotional, her temper are all my own. But the biggest parts of me in Gwen would have to be my love of life, my bizarre sense of humour, love of the outrageous and at times my very wicked tongue.

Hmmmm, lets see what else. I'm a HUGE hockey fan (my Leafs RULE) and am more than a little disappointed about there not being a 2004-2005 season.

I've got my BA Honours in History which explains why three quarters of my characters are in historical novels or ones that have an historical slant to them. I love to argue and just for fun to get all screwy and logical, which is why I'm going to law school. Might as well get paid for something I do for free. Timmy's makes a lot of money off of me as I'm addicted to XL double-doubles, their English Toffee cappuccinos and honey glazed doughnuts.

Q: Why did you join PH? What is it about writing that appeals to you?

Like many a soul, I'm an AS refugee and was here during beta testing days. But then University stepped in and I didn't get to play. It wasn't until a little over a year ago that I logged back into Pan and began to play in earnest. This last year really hasn't been the greatest and writing has become my salvation. It has kept me sane by allowing me to escape, even for a few moments, and enter worlds that have nothing to do with RL. I can lose myself in the stories, whether I'm writing them or reading them, and it gives me a chance to breathe. If you can step back from the problem, even if it is just briefly, things don't always seem as bad and there could be a light at the end of that tunnel.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a member here at Pan Historia?

Without a doubt that would have to be the amazing people I've met here. Yeah, it's great that you get web space and get to decorate your various homes, have tons of playgrounds to play in, your characters can be as normal or as outlandish as you want them to be, but none of that really matters if the people at the site are party poopers. What makes Pan Historia unique is the wonderfully talented, kooky, outrageous people that are here. So thank you to Wyatt and Co. for creating this awesome place and to all those people who have let me into their lives and shared their lives with me. (Personally, I don't think they knew what they were in for when they gave me their MSN or Yahoo IDs and addies or "friended" me here.) "My Books" comes a close second (as I'd be lost without it) but it is tied with the sheer variety of novels one can play in. I've reccently started branching out into fantasy. I love watching the stuff but rarely ever read it and certainly never write it. So my latest project is "The Riddermark"- a place where being a "Rohirric Geek" is an assent but not a requirement. *from somewhere in the peanut gallery* Yah, yah, another Lord of the Rings novel. *sticks out tongue before continuing* WRONG!!!!! The Riddermark is going to be an effort to "fill in the blanks" in the story of the people of the Eotheod from their earliest days until the time just before the days of the War of the Ring. So basically, you get to set your own course in the world created by Professor Tolkien with some exceptions like no adult Éomer or Éowyn and no fawning over how cute Orlando Bloom is as Legolas. *starts to gag* Excuse me while I go and get sick.

Q: What are your greatest accomplishments, either in RL or here at Pan?

In RL, my greatest accomplishment would have to be being an older sister. My youngest sibling is almost sixteen years younger than myself. She looks up to me and sees not my flaws (of which I have many) but only that her big sister is cool, buys her kick *ss, funky clothes, gets to leave home and go to school, but most importantly that her big sister always makes time for her. I don't always get to spend a lot of time with her but when I do, I make it count even if it is just going to the movies by ourselves or playing a game of Dutch Blitz. Her laughter is filled with such joy that it more than makes up for all the times when she gets on my nerves.

Hmmm, at Pan? That one is a lot tougher. I thought it was pretty cool when last year I was the Featured Historian for September, and then later in December I was the Featured Contributor for the Reference Library. (They meant so much to me that I lost their plaques when Pan crashed. *sheepish look*) But this one takes the cake. *HUGE CHEESY GRIN* *laughing merrily*

Q: You are a fellow MoBster of 1066: The Year of the Conquest. Tell us more about the novel and your character in it. What was it about the novel that appealed to you and what does it have to offer to other members?

So that's how I got this gig, eh? *laughingly points to "you are a fellow MoBster of 1066"* A lot of people assume that 1066 demands historical accuracy. That is a huge misconception. I mean, we're messing with history with every keystroke. But we do like some accuracy so as not to be considered revisionist historians--bad, bad, bad. The gist of it is that we've all heard about Normans and Saxons from Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe to whatever version of Robin Hood you like. (My favourite is Prince of Thieves because Alan Rickman is sooo damn sexy and I'd chose him over Kevin Costner any day of the week and twice on Sundays.) and the year 1066 is the origins of the discord between the Anglo-Saxons and their Norman Conquerors. In short, the Normans fail miserably and are driven from England's shores in disgrace. And a certain Norman Knight, one Hugh de Montfort, is on his knees begging for his life as he has a sword at his throat. *slaps forehead* Ohh wait, that's what is going to happen in our new alternative thread: Our Ideal vs Hugh's Real. *cheeky grin*

Tell you about Gwen, eh? *thinks back on some of the names* Minx, Hellion, Shrew, Hoyden, Lady Trouble which is now Countess Trouble as she is married *flashes signet ring on left hand* How's that for describing her? But seriously, Gwen is someone who's life has changed radically in the course of three days. She is still passionate and head strong and the imp still resides in her, but now she has something to lose and will do whatever is necessary to keep him safe and out of William Bastard's way. She still likes having the last word in an argument but is trying to rein her temper in as it has almost cost her her marriage twice in the same day (Calling her husband, Edwin of Mercia, a coward in front of the entire Court and then later ordering his steward to give him tea laced with black henbane-she quickly came to her senses and threw the mug into the fire). She is very much a pot stirrer even when she doesn't mean to be.

Why 1066? Well, I was just cruising around Pan one day, visiting homes, when one person's story caught my eye. I clicked on "my work" and instantly liked what I saw. 1066 was a little gem of a novel with approximately 15 active characters at the time, who's quality of posts astonished me. The other thing that appealed to me about 1066 was that the official version of history is always written by the victors and when I joined the novel three quarters of the writers were in Normandy. I wasn't having any of that and wanted to tell the story from the perspective of the side that lost. Hence Gwen's loyalty to King Harold and desire for a Norman-free England.

We've got so many threads in 1066 where people's imagination can take flight. They can write in England or Normandy (our two main thread), be a Viking and pillage in said England and Normandy or post and plot in Norway. We've also got Scottish and Welsh threads for those who want to write in a medieval novel but not necessarily write about the fighting between Normans and Saxons. We have a France thread for those stories that take place on the continent but not in William's domains. And our newest thread is the alternative history. This is the place to post if you aren't that big on historical accuracy and don't know or want to know what happened at Stamford Bridge or at Hastings. Or if you have an historical character that dies but you don't want him/her to die. Or it is the place where the Saxons triumph over the Normans. Who knows, the English could invade Normandy in this thread, King Harold's brother Tostig comes back and challenges his brother for the throne, there is another Viking onslaught as Hardradra tries to take the English throne for himself? In this thread, the possibilities are endless.

Q: Any last words? *S*

You haven't figured out that I'm longwinded yet, have you? *stares at her funny*

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