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Celebrating PAN: July 2007

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Celebrating Pan Historia

by Captain StarCastle

As we sail into the 3rd year of Pan Historia’s rebirth; ‘Rise of The Phoenix’ June 2004, bow cresting each new wave as we lay in a course for the far horizon, canvas billowing ahead of fair winds, we thought this newest edition of the Pan Historian should be a celebration of Pan Historia and her community spirit. A celebration of the beloved site so many of us call ‘safe harbor’ on the unpredictable stormy seas of real life.

Banners of all nations flying from the tops, we travel back through the portals of time for a look into PAN’s history, remembering and celebrating her beginnings, toasting her fight for survival, as well as giving light to where Pan Historia is today through interviews and articles by new and old members alike. Pan Historia is a place of refuge for the creative spirit; a home for the weary wanderer, the writer in us all who seeks to share their passion for words. Celebrate Pan Historia with us! She belongs to you!

tragedy edition: october 2003 fresh edition: january 2004

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