July 2003


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by Isobel Delgardo

What is Comedy? It's something different to everyone. One person finds the Three Stooges to be gut-bustingly hilarious while another might wonder what's so funny about a man with a bowl haircut poking a bald guy in the eyes or tearing out some other guy's frizzy hair. One person finds an erudite comedian's pithy observations on life amusing, another just finds them dull. Comedy is a widely varied medium.

So it is with Comedy on Pan Historia. The genre itself is fairly small but the selection is varied. From The Comedy Club with its daily dose of jokes to the familiar wartime humor of MASH: Chaos in Korea to the variety show style of The Muppet Novel, the comedy on Pan has something for just about everyone who loves to laugh.

And humor is apparent not only in the novels that are offically in the Comedy Genre - there are humorous elements to many other novels including Into The Woods, a novel officially in the Fantasy Genre but which has a decidedly comedic bent.

There are characters in various novels all over Pan that can only be described as comedic (or zany, or silly, or absurd, depending on your taste). Tood and Gleek, Fizzban the Magnificent, and Grant Mitchell, for example. These characters don't necessarily proclaim themselves members of the Comedy Genre (they are mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy), but anyone who reads their posts in some of their novels will immediately recognize their true nature. Characters like these bring a comedic element to the novels they brighten.

So sit back, grab your whoopie cushion and hand buzzer, and celebrate Comedy and all its variety in this issue of the Pan Historian. Just remember not to heckle the comedians.


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