by Anne of Austria

Welcome to a new year and a fresh look for the Pan Historian. Much as we loved our old Art Deco style paper, I decided that with a new year and a Fresh theme for this edition it was time to update the paper and with luck make it a bit easier to read. Navigation at least should be a breeze now with all the articles just one click away.

We're also heading into the new year with some new "official" titles for two of our hardest working Pan Historian contributors. The features sections are now coordinated entirely by Dr. Taniko Kishimoto and Amashelle and I'm sure you'll agree they've done a marvellous job with what is the largest part of our paper.

In her article Internet Haven, Ecaterina shares with us all what it is about Pan Historia that draws people in and keeps them here. Pan represents a fresh approach to the internet, it is a place where we can all express ourselves as much or as little as we like, socialise or hone our creative instincts, share interesting little facts or play trivia games, learn about web design or research a school assignment. More than anything else it is a place where everyone is welcome, the entire site is driven by the people who use it. This is a rare thing on the internet which has been dominated by and large by sites which either sell you something you don't want or cater only to very specific interests.

So in this new year, take a fresh look at the Pan Historian and a fresh look at your Pan community. There is always something new going on, someone new to welcome and something fresh to get involved with.

Pan Historia

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