Featured Novel: Interstellar Geographic

by John Clayton Drummond

2260 - The discovery and successful reverse-engineering of Forerunner technology in the 21st Century has enabled Man to settle the Solar System, form the United Sol System, and develop a sphere of influence extending out to the planets of the Alpha Centauri system.

While the military seeks to protect Tellus and the United Sol System from the vagaries of piracy and what it now knows to be an inhabited universe, the civilian services, such as the scientific and educational institution Interstellar Geographic, seek to push exploration beyond the boundaries of Humanity-occupied space, to discover what other civilizations may be out there.

The Robert Ballard is the brand-new flagship of the Interstellar Geographic Society's exploration fleet. Specialist researchers from all scientific disciplines have been recruited for this mission of discovery and achievement. The prime focus of their mission is that of increasing and disseminating knowledge of the worlds beyond our own, to search out worlds that contain Forerunner technology and bring it back to Tellus.

Their first First Contact is almost upon them...

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