Internet Haven

by Ecaterina

I started writing this article by planning to mention lots of boring...I mean interesting facts and figures about Pan Historia, but I now realise that I don't need to mention those things because Pan isn't simple a website anymore. No, Pan Historia has grown into something 'more', something which I can only think of describing as a sort of 'wholeness'. It has managed to achieve something that many websites only dream of achieving...a community, and that's something it should be proud of. With well over 5000 members and with that figure still rapidly rising, Pan Historia still retains that sense of community atmosphere. With us all having the opportunity to use the community boards, chat rooms, an IM Messenger and even this seasonal Pan Historian its hard not to be sucked into the enthusiasm of it all, so to speak.

"Its amazing how many people are dedicated to the website" a friend of mine mentioned to me when l first introduced him to the delights of Pan Historia and l couldn't agree with him more. We all know about those dodgy websites always trying to scam people out of their money with their apparent 'services' and l have to admit when l joined l was worried that l might have stumbled upon yet another one but then l discovered that l had my own web page, up to three alias's to play with and the ability to join as many reference books and novels as l choose. 'There has to be a catch' l kept thinking but l still haven't found it yet...Whilst there are some exciting and interesting services which are purchasable, they aren't necessities but rather accessories. And that's the thing about Pan which l'm gradually realising! Why is Pan Historia so successful? Because its all about 'choice', as is life. You don't have to join any novels or reference books, you don't necessarily have to post in the ones you've joined. Pan gives 'us' complete control over our alias's, it gives us that sense of freedom. In a recent interview l did with the publisher and my friend Holly she told me what it was like to be a publisher caught in the fast current of Pan Historia; "Its the members that make Pan Historia so successful, we're all just privileged that we have the chance to work with you all".

Throughout time the phrase 'The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword' has prevailed, although it may have had a branch off from its evolution tree at some point resulting in...the keyboard, it has, in my opinion, succeeded in prevailing. Pan is one of the many 'successful' freestyle writing websites that exists on the internet and its certainly one of the leading competitors too. Anyway, hence the title of this article 'Internet Haven', because for me Pan Historia is just that, a haven for my writing. I find playing with my web page therapeutic, writing in my novels exercise for my creative mind and then there's the massive social aspects of this website. Is it any wonder that Pan Historia has become an addiction to me and many others too? Where ever l go on the internet l always consider Pan as my home and somehow l always manage to end up coming back, despite the infinite sites out there so, personally, l think they must be doing something right, don't you? So l wish to use this article as a way of saying thank you to Pan Historia for giving me the creative inspiration and freedom to let myself go. It has helped me mature as a writer and for that l am truly thankful. When you think about it Pan Historia really is a special place, but what does Pan Historia mean to each and every one of you?! I hope it means a fun times...anyway l'll end here by wishing you all a very happy New Year!

Pan Historia