On The Trail

by Sam Service, Nosqhon & Mubarakin

On the Trail...is the pet project of Nosqhon. A Park Ranger in RL she thought it would be a nice idea to have a place where the members of Pan could share their enthusiasm for all manner of park lands and historic sites.

Since the late 19th Century, parks and reserves have been developed to preserve and protect wild areas, fragile and endangered ecosystems, archaeological sites, wondrous geological landscapes, recreation areas, and historic places.

The first national park was Yellowstone, created in 1872. Since then, the idea of preservation and protection for parks of the people has spread around the world. There are thousands of magnificent parks in the world, protecting human history, biodiversity, and grand landscapes. Visitors come to the parks of the world for a variety of reasons; they are also outdoor classrooms for students of all ages and living laboratories for researches in many fields.

In this book we share our journeys, ideas, likes and dislikes, trivia contests, and funny happenings. Issues and current events involving parks around the world are shared and discussed. Writers of this book include national park rangers, hikers, boaters, and dreamers. Do you have a national or state or provincial park that you love? Do you have one that you dream of visiting one day? Need a place to visit in the real world or merely dream of new places? This reference book is a forum for those interested in getting out on the trail or merely to sit by a lake and watch the sky change

Personally, Sam has found On the Trail... has extended her wish list of places to visit quite significantly, *LOL* Sam is fascinated by different habitats and all the things that dwell within them, as can likely be told by the countless pictures she have posted over the years. We have tried to encourage each member to set up a thread on the Discussion Boards to post their trials and tribulations, personal sites of interest and anything else they may think of. The threads are not restricted to that member, anyone can hop in and post a comment or response. It was set up this way in an attempt to get people to interact. The jury is still out on whether this is a better setup than the one we had pre-crash, *chuckle*

On the Social Boards we have some resource threads and a campfire thread for the sharing of cocoa and ghost stories. The membership in this Reference Book is quite small and frankly, PH being a site devoted primarily devoted to writing and things literary, this is not surprising. Quite a few people we have spoken to here at PH are not exactly fans of camping. Of course one does not have to actively camp out to enjoy the spaces preserved by various Parks Services around the world. Sam likes to think On the Trail... is about celebrating these spaces and exploring the reasons why they have been set aside as each one is special in its own way.

Join us On the Trail!

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