Infinite Worlds: Realms of Speculative Fiction

by Jerry Cornelius

As of writing, Infinite Worlds: Realms of Speculative Fiction is Pan's youngest reference book, coming up to its six-month anniversary this month. It was born out of the interests of its 3 MoBs, who are all keen science fiction and fantasy readers themselves and felt there was a niche for a reference book that covered the whole field of speculative fiction - we chose the term "Speculative Fiction" because that's preferred by many fans now days to cover the multitude of subgenres science fiction and fantasy encompasses. And because it's shorter to keep typing than 'science fiction and fantasy'.

The idea behind Infinite Worlds was to bring authors – both new and established – to peoples' attention, and to provide a place where members who love or wish to know more about the genres could exchange ideas and information. Topics cover a wide range of issues relating to science fiction and fantasy – including author biographies and bibliographies, news and reviews. Each month we chose a leading author from the sci-fi and fantasy genres to feature with articles. We also have topics where fledging sci-fi and fantasy authors can find useful resources and research tools, from tips on world-building and writing convincing aliens to magazines that accept submissions.

However, Infinite Worlds covers not just literature and graphic novels, but also art, movies, TV shows, and games – in fact anything with a sci-fi or fantasy theme! One of our most popular topics is “Science Fiction and Fantasy In The Media” where we enjoy nostalgically remembering all those TV series we grew up with and criticizing the latest SciFi Channel mini-series. Another popular and thought-provoking topic is "Discussions Of The Science And Theories Of Science Fiction”, where we explore the fact and fiction of everything from faster-than-light travel to terraforming Mars.

It’s not all work and no play at Infinite Worlds though! On our social boards, you can test your knowledge by joining in our trivia game, or check in your weapons at the Terminator Café and enjoy a drink of your choice while meeting other members. So if you’ve an interest in any of the sci-fi or fantasy genres, come and hang out with us at Infinite Worlds where Mobs Jerry Cornelius, Elric of Melnibone and Erekose are always pleased to welcome visitors!

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