Bookmarked Blog: Cressida's Commentaries

by Goldberry


GB: First off, why did you decide to start blogging on Pan?
Cress: I thought it was a great feature. I'm constantly impressed by how Wyatt takes care of us, and since he went to all the trouble to create them, the blogs certainly deserve our support. Besides, who could resist a public venue where no one can talk back? *laughs*

GB: Do you have another blog off-site?
Cress: No, blogging isn't really my style. I'm fairly reclusive and few people know very much about me other than my work. I use my blog here much as Calliope does with her beads — to post things that have no other place at Pan Historia.

GB: What was the inspiration for your Games You Can Play With Your Pussy postings?
Cress: Oh, wow, Pussy and I have been together for years -- I adore cats. I began cartooning way back in high school. The somewhat cutting commentary is also a relic of that time. One of my English teachers was NOT a fan, and would hand my papers back saying that they were far too sarcastic and would I please rewrite. Well, I'd keep the paper for a few days, tell Teach that I had worked hard at editing out the sarcasm and turn it in again. I'd always get an A. Funny, I never changed a word!

GB: Do you have any animals in real life? Tell us about them.
Cress: You had to ask, didn't you. Well, the truth is, I'm absolutely critter crazy. Of course, like anyone, I've had the usual stuff, parakeets, goldfish, gerbils, rabbits, turtles, dogs and kitties. My sole housemate right now is Allstars Carlos Santana of Guitar, a delightful Maine Coon cat, and the love of my life. *G*

But, I'm thinking back to all my other animal friends. Like my ferrets. I had six of the little buggers at once. The pic is of Sheba and Blondie, my first two. I have to say, they were enormous fun and the most excruciatingly funny thieves. When I moved to NC and was in a frenzy of packing, I unfolded my sofa bed downstairs and found all the things I had been missing! The little devils had chewed a hole through the sofa lining and deposited all sorts of things, including spoons, jewellry, and my silk undies! The last one died this year of old age.

I also used to train llamas on the weekends. Okay, yes, I am a crazy person. But, I really enjoy them. These guys have spent 6,000 years as man's helpmates and they can be the most cuddlesome kids around.Yes, the rumors you've heard are true. If they don't like you, they spit. A lot. And they will deliberately race right at you and knock you down with their chest and knees. But hey, no one's perfect right? I've never had one show aggression like that, but I know it happens.

Anyways, I also helped out showing them and I can tell you, it's really a workout. That's Shadrach in the picture.

Then there was Daisy. Daisy was a rather ancient camel from the NC Zoo who went very arthritic in her knees. My neighbor is an instructor at the NC Vet school and has a variety of creatures living with him and his family. He took Daisy home with him since the zoo couldn't care for her properly. She proved to be a little much for his wife, so I volunteered to do some of her treatments. Daisy was really a sweet old thing, and loved to be around people. This pic is of Daisy with the Director at our Nature Museum. She got her fill of people as part of the petting zoo for a day.

Don't let me forget the raccoons! I've been an active observer of coons for many years. They are really lovable little scamps. I won't say anything more about them here because I've got another article with lots of pics in it in another section of this month's PanHistorian.

GB: Who was your first pet?
Cress: My first pet was a little white kitten named Snowball. Doesn't every 2-year old have one? I'm afraid Snowball wasn't really appreciative of all that love I gave her because I used to get scratched regularly. My first 'oddball' pet was Percy, a descented skunk. Percy was a delight, although when I got to my teens he became a bit of a problem. He absolutely hated any guy that came near me and would rush up and bite who ever it was on the ankles!

GB: Your number one piece of advice for pussy owners?
Cress: Oh, you know the answer to that! Stroke your Pussy every day!

GB: Like to add anything else?
Cress: Actually, yes I would. There are so many opportunities out there to get involved with our co-inhabitants of this world. I would encourage all of you to volunteer a small bit of your time or money to the organisation of your choice.

I currently have an adopted Eastern screech owl that I support at the NC Raptor Center just outside of Charlotte. Cinnamon was found with a broken wing that had healed improperly and consequently she can no longer fly. She is often shown at exhibitions at schools and the NC Zoo since she has a very calm disposition. I see Cinnamon a few times a year and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to feed and exercise her when I'm there.

I also volunteer at the Carnivore Preservation Trust. This organisation is dedicated to the preservation of all our cat families, from lions and tigers, oh my, to our small cats like the ocelot and caracal. My particular specialty there is the Servals. I love the servals. This is my favorite one, Santana, who was born at the Trust a couple of years ago. Just click on the pic to start the short video. Hope you can wait out the upload time!

Believe me, anything you give to our spectacular wildlife, you will receive twofold in return.

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