by Sam Service

Animalia is Pan Historia's very own version of Wild Kingdom! If it runs, flies, or swims, chances are we have a thread to discuss it on. Each month we choose a "Featured Creature" to highlight on the Dust Jacket, for the month of June we chose the Skunk. The skunk has proven to be somewhat baffling to our membership, as we are in the habit of posting superstitions relating to the featured creature, and as of yet no one has been able to find any for this animal! It is likely because the skunk is a critter of the "new world" and most superstitions go back to a time before Columbus, but the lack of them is certainly odd.

The Discussion Boards are set up with threads to explore various families of creatures, with a few that are quite creature specific. The MoBsters anticipated heavy traffic on threads devoted to canines and felines, so the domestic are separated from the wild. Domestic Felines is in fact the second most popular discussion thread, Birds being number one. Oddly, The Insect World comes in at the number three spot, this could be because we have so many members who are not only animal lovers but also gardeners, *L* Gardeners tend to pay close attention to things that may potentially eat their plants! Or it may just be, that when you get right down to it, insects are genuinely interesting.

On the Social Boards we have resource threads, fun threads, a place to share our own special animal friends with the other members, and of course a trivia style thread. It is called "Who Am I?" and the idea is to post clues as if you were a member of the animal kingdom and have the other members guess who you are supposed to be. A correct guess if rewarded with it being your turn to post a new query. Some of the clues have been quite challenging to unravel, *LOL*

One does not have to be a pet owner to join Animalia, just have a love of things animal. Most of our members currently share their lives with creatures of one sort or another, but that should not be viewed as a deterrent to taking part in the Reference Book if you don't happen to have pets or livestock. There are no prerequisites to loving animals and sharing that enthusiasm.

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