A Traditional Pan Historian

by Myrrhine

You're in for a treat this December, as it's a bumper edition of the Pan Historian! Everyone has their own traditions, and they tend to come to fore at this time of year when we gather with friends and family to celebrate religious holidays and the new year. We asked the people of Pan to share some of their traditions with us and you've been most generous - Joey Bagadonuts and Itzcitlacopil have shared particular cultural traditions with us and Bootstrap Bill Turner has written about how one of his family traditions came into being.

Legolas of the Woodland Realm and Paris of Troy have taken a different approach to tradition and write about some of the interesting things happening at Pan right now and the vexed issue of fan fiction and the authors who refuse to allow it. And just when you thought you were all traditioned out, Olga Aleksandrovna comes to the rescue with a fascinating look at one of those royal Elisabeths.

Of course it wouldn't be the Pan Historian without our featured characters, and we have some marvellous interviews to keep you entertained this holiday season. It's impossible to get to know all the amazing people who make up the Pan community, but we hope that these interviews help you get to know some of the characters who populate the site.

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