Featured Character: Clio Aristocratos

by Dr. Taniko Kishimoto

Clio has been active with the historical novel, Athens, posting heavily and creatively on the Agora of Athens threads, among others, since June of 2002. She is also a Board Member there, helping to facilitate the story threads. She has a reputation for being helpful, and willing to lend her assistance. Her interest in ancient Greek culture is long-standing, as she'll mention below.

Clio is also a member of the reference book, Gaia's Daughters.

Q: How did you come to get involved in Pan Historia?

A: I joined Pan Historia during the great exodus from AS and when I was looking for a home. I got actively involved a little over a year ago when someone asked for my help in livening up Athens. Since it was going to be summer vacation, I agreed and suddenly was actively involved.

Q: What brings you to a fascination with writing about ancient Athens and Greece, both as a culture and for storyplay?

A: I have written a great deal, but not fiction. I have done historical research and have written up the results of my work which was usually about local history and homes and families. However, I love historical novels and always wanted to write fiction, but I am better at straight history. Just like many historians, I was always fascinated by the culture and history of Greece, but it came alive for me on my first trip to Greece. It was the first country I went to on my own not speaking the language, and yet I felt right at home. Each trip back has intensified the feeling. It is a marvelous country to visit.

Q: Tell the readership something about your character, Clio Aristocratos.

A: As for Clio, she is a middle aged weaver. She is an observer of human nature. I guess I see her as a young Miss Marple of Athens.

Q: Are there other eras in history that greatly interest you?

A: As for other periods of history, I haven’t met one that I didn’t find interesting -- although Military history is at the bottom of my list. My training is as a medievalist. I have been involved in local history in my region. I love history as the story of people.

Q: You are a board member for the novel, Athens. Any hints for the reader on how to create a successful novel?

A: As for making a novel work here, I think you just need to keep writing. You don’t need to write a lot every day, but write something -- just keep the story going. It helps if you can get a couple of story lines going with different people writing them -- that makes it looks as if there is more action!

Q: On a more personal level, what do you consider to be one of your greatest accomplishments, either on or off line?

A: Greatest Accomplishment? That is tough. At PH it is that I developed a good story and think I have a couple of more in the works. In real life, I am a teacher.. and I guess I feel the most proud when former students come back and tell me that I made a difference in their lives and I hear about the interesting and creative and positive accomplishments of their lives. I guess I hope I have made a difference. I know you have had more clever answers to questions -- but in some ways Clio and I are the same. A little intense, somewhat serious, but caring deeply about those things and people I am involved with.

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