Rhiannon ferch Gwrgi ~ The Person I Most Adore
By Dafydd Urchurdan

Each edition the Pan Historian Staff offers a stimulating writing prompt for the membership of Pan Historia. Of all the entries the Paper Editors pick one outstanding submission to feature as an article. February's Historian Writing Prompt was "The person I most adore writing with here at Pan is..." and for this feature a poem was chosen.

In all the brilliant days of golden lore,
There is but one woman that I adore!
Helen… that face that launched a thousand ships…
Will never hear such praise from my lips.

Cleopatra, resplendent in Egypt’s art,
With all her skills, could never capture my heart.
Guinevere, Arthur’s queen with hair of gold,
Was never such a fair sight to behold.

What makes Rhiannon the best…
Surpassing by far all the rest?
Many are the tales of those who enchant… entice…
My heart’s love has no need of such artifice!

Even a bard would toil to list all the ways
She has of adding warmth to summer’s days.
And in the dark depths of winter’s chill
No other’s smile will bring the same thrill.

What can I say of her radiant eyes
That shine like stars in night’s dark skies?
With only one gaze at her nose, chin, lips, and cheek…
Man knows that perfection he need no longer seek.

Yet it is not just the beauty of her face;
No one else commands such style and gentle grace.
When she speaks, the musical sound of her voice
Causes the depths of my soul to rejoice.

Gentle curves that give the eyes such pleasure…
A sight that any man would dearly treasure.
Dark tresses that around her face flow folded
And a throat by the goddess’ hand moulded.

In her, wisdom, charm, and allure all combine
The best traits of all women intertwine!
You might ask what more I can say…
But I could praise her ‘til my dying day!