Writing Prompt Entries
The person I most adore writing with here at Pan is...

I would like to acknowledge Bree for her undying loyalty and her wonderful sense of history and detail in addition to her great ability to follow and keep our story flowing. I re-post one of Bree' masterful post, and I'm sure that after reading it or even a small part it will be very clear that she is indeed a treasure and wonderful companion to have as a writing partner here on PH. Thank you for your attention.

A Cruce Salus

...a lovely lady I met about eight years ago and since then we’ve had a million adventures on Pan in a variety of novels. We’ve fought vampires on another world, gone relic hunting, been Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Babylonians, hidden from the Empire on Nar Shadaa, played a mismatched pair on Bug Hunt and fallen in love more than once. Her characters I know the best are Ayesha Meritamen, Candice and Tiera Shrenn and I’m fortunate that she’s also become a very close friend in real life. But no matter how long we’ve written together she still amazes me with the way she can take a simple idea and turn it into a mind bending storyline with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster.

She’s always the first person I talk to when I have an idea, no matter how rough the concept might be, and she’s never failed to come up with something that I personally would never even have thought of. She’s always willing to help others, spending hours working on storylines with newbies or helping to develop character ideas for others.

She’s also been known to decorate a few homesites for others (including me because I’m hopeless at that kind of thing) using her graphic design skills and she never asks for anything in return, she just does it because she’s a great person and she’s certainly the best MOB I’ve ever had. Every time we write something in one of our many guises, her assumed persona is wildly different and it’s a joy to log on and wonder what kind of predicament she’s left me in this time, and believe me, there have been more than a few times she’s made me howl with laughter with what she’s written.

She’s a fantastically creative writer and I love wondering what she has up her sleeve for the next story and then being totally surprised when it's revealed. She’s incredibly warm, weird, wacky, funny and witty and I couldn’t ask for a better partner, MOB or friend.

Ashur is a slave driver.

I'm not kidding. The man is literally a slave driver both in and out of the novels here at Pan. I would know- he recently arranged my purchase in The New Kingdom so now instead of reveling in the life of luxury I deserve, I've been reduced to slaving away at the Babylonian embassy. It's a rough life I lead.

And when it comes to posting in real life, Ashur is absolutely merciless. No spelling or grammar errors, dialogue must be flawless, and the imagery nothing short of a feast for the senses.

All right... he's not that brutal. Actually, I have to state for the record that Ashur constantly pushes me to become a better writer. We've been writing together off and on for years now and due to his gentle prodding I have definitely grown as a writer. I know now not to write in the passive voice and can even translate curse words into ancient tongues- certainly handy skills to have!

So when choosing which writing partner I truly adore, I have to say that Ashur tops that list.

Please allow me to celebrate the person I just adore writing with.

As the beautiful, brave heroine of A Scent of Mystery and as an original MoB, Bella Donna has been my guiding light and inspiration. From hints about what we might do next to just plain good advice and encouragement, she's been there for me. I always look forward to her posts and appreciate her messages: it is she that has suggested the mystery of Robert Haskell and the upcoming one of the Russian emeralds!

Alexei Balashenko will wed his beloved 'little bird' very soon - we should tie the knot this month in real time May it be as joyous an occasion for Bella to write about as it will be for me! I raise a toast - always 'her Alexei'.

The person I most adore writing with here at Pan is...really hard to limit to just one person! I write alone, and also with a very few others. But something that has been very special to me is my stories in Short Cuts, and the special people that I share them with.

There's Devin, whom I know the longest at Pan. She's such a friendly person to work with, always cheerful, and no matter what plot twists and changes you throw at her, she never complains, she just adapts. Maybe those aren't tattoos all over her but Borg implants! She has a talent for making the ordinary extraordinary in her writing. She can also be a chameleon, writing an ambitious criminal with a compassionate streak in one story, and a no-nonsense woman trying to escape poverty in another. Same character and writer, but two totally different people, depending on the story.

Then there's Hestio, whom I know for some time as well, but until the past six months it was only casual greetings here and there. I had the pleasure of being allowed to join him in a private novella he was sharing with Devin and it opened new doors for me creatively. A great plotter, Hestio also is fun to just chat with and surprises me at how he does not care what the story is about that he is in, he will just integrate no matter what. I wish I could be that flexible. And he pays such close attention to detail, both in his own posts, and what others have written in theirs, so that his posts have a lot of subtlety and hidden meanings one has to watch for to appreciate.

Finally there is Sky, whom I only started writing with in the past 3 or so months. But she's impressed me with her interests in poetry and story ideas and music, and I always have fun reading and responding to her blogs. Writing with her has been exciting because Sky has really original ideas for the stories she creates, and to experience something different is a fantastic feeling! To abandon stereotype and enjoy something unusual is the norm for her, and I enjoy the element of mystery to her plots that leaves me wondering what will happen next, even if we are in close collaboration.

I get something different writing with all three of these friends, and the most important to me is that they have been really nice people to just be with here on Pan.

I want to kill her! No, I really do! She’s the most infuriating person I know. Dominic Mackenzie could annoy a rock, let alone a living person. I feel like I’ve been forced to share my living quarters with my very own schoolyard bully. How else can you describe someone who forces themselves into your life and your home at gunpoint? Someone who punches you in the face, or pistol-whips you into unconsciousness? Love to love you, baby!

Dominic Mackenzie is loud, talkative and perpetually horny. I guess the latter is ok if you like her but the other two drive me nuts. Well, all three really because hearing about “it” all the time can become really tiring after a while. And it’s not like she has a shred of modesty – whether it be about her talents or with her body. And that lack of shyness extends to her questions about my personal life too. She has no shame! She’ll ask the most personal details and then make fun of them when I tell her, or make fun of me if I don’t! What kind of sick mind is behind that? We’re just lovey-dovey!

She also has no sense of privacy or personal property. She barges in my room when I’m dressing, goes through all my stuff on my ship and takes what she wants without asking – it drives me crazy! And when I try to stop her from doing that she goes and nutzoid on me. Did she go to a special school for anti-social behaviour? For this she wants me to fly her to wherever she wants to go. Right. Fly me to the moon!

But I can’t imagine anyone I’d prefer watching my back – as long as she could keep her eyes off my backside, that is. Her obsession with behinds is…pathological. Anyways. Dominic is, in a word, deadly. A totally ruthless killer, I know that if there’s anyone I want on my side in a bad firefight, it’s her. I’ve seen her fight with her bare hands, I’ve seen her with a gun. I have no doubt there’s no one better with either. Every once in a while she shows me a side that seems tender, and it leave me wondering just what makes this chick tick.

The face of an angel and the mind of a demon.