An interview of Robin Saint Sinclair, conducted by Yvonne Tosanovic

I'm cautiously knocking on Robin Saint Sinclair's door, up on the 13th floor of 666 West End, New York City, New York, 1927 AD. He's got a bad rep, but the New York Herald-PanHistorian pays well. And I need to pay my own rent. Or, pretend to. At the moment he's also a MoBster on one of PanHistoria's "newer" novels, 666 West End, a horror piece set simultaneously in 1927 and 2008.

Q1. Ummm. (Caught something in my throat, I allow it to settle, as I stare into the steely yet debonair eyes of Robin St. Sinclair, the American version of the British Beast known as Alistair Crowley). Pardon me. You are THE Robin St. Sinclair, ayup?

Oh yes, the one and only. Can I offer you a cigarette? Oh yes? This old thing. This gold cigarette case was a gift from my dying father. Oh no, you don't want to hear how he died.

Q2. Yeah. I see we have a new novel here, one which has a fine heritage back over on PanErotica. I assume some things will go differently, and yet the same here. What, if I may ask, are your expectations? It's 1927, almost to the era of the speakeasy; certainly in the era of the flapper. This is a pretty high-class apartment. Why did you settle here?

To tell the truth, the very first incantation or incarnation of 666 was right here at Pan Historia. We've come back home.

Q3. Well, I guess down the road in 2008 the place ain't so high-class any more. I'm sure you're a forward thinking gent, what do you predict now?

Blood, mayhem.

Q4. Stepping outside of yourself a tad, just a little, could you tell us what your desires, hopes and dreams are?

World domination.

Q5. What's the one thing you've learned that helps a Pan Historia novel succeed?

Frequent writing, collaboration between writers, and a plot that is not so tight that people don't have room to bring in their own ideas, yet it's firm and structured enough that it provides a strong framework - helping newer writers learn the ropes.

Q6. You're caught in the early days of Hollywood. What movies and stars of this era most appeal to you?

I admit I'm not so knowledgeable on the movies this early. I did watch and enjoy a few silents but I'm really more of the talkies era when it comes to my favorites. The movies of the thirties and forties were wonderful.

Yvonne Tosanovic