Love & Hope
February Edition of the Pan Historian

With Pan Historia abuzz celebrating it’s sixth Panniversary and Valentine’s Day right around the corner the Staff at the Pan Historian decided to use this edition to focus on two very important related topics: Love & Hope.

Both of these in one form or another uplifts our lives and nourishes our souls. Quoted from Alexander Chalmers, “The three grand essentials of happiness are: Something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.” With this principle in mind and in honor of Valentine’s day our works reflect dear aspirations, history and traditions of the heart, and cherished relationships whether they be of romance or friendship. Here at Pan where our connections to others are built on the merit of personality and intellect the bonds we create are often lasting and precious. They are testaments to the power of imagination, writing, and community.

In our Interviews this publication several MoBs have taken the time to share with us a little bit about the inspiration and vision behind their new novels. Among the articles you will find an in depth look at various aspects of Valentine’s Day, the winner of our last writing prompt The person I most adore writing with here at Pan is…, and the history of both Black History Month and Women’s History month. Under Columns is a wonderful piece on the Utopian concept and other entries submitted for the writing prompt. Then last but not least a new section called the Funny Pages is now host to some familiar comedic favorites returning to the publication.

We hope you enjoy this heartfelt edition of the Pan Historian filled with the fond thoughts of our writers and thank you for taking the opportunity to read Pan’s Premier Newspaper.