Transition Guide for Scotia Players

This Document serves as a translation guide for those AWE members who are migrating their stories from Scotia to this new story environment. If you've been playing at Scotia, or reading along at Scotia, this guide will serve as a reference to a playing field that is, in some ways, very different. For the most part, the internal workings of the character stories are the same, but the landscape has changed. Much of the current back story for these tales can be found in the Archives. We are making every attempt to edit the content of the archives to match the new story environment, but this may take some time as we've done quite a bit of writing! In the meantime, this document should prove helpful. If you have any questions, please ask one of the MoBs.

Change of date: The story at AWE is set one year forward of the story at Scotia. We begin in the fall of 590. This does not mean that the stories have progressed, simply that we are retroactively moving those stories into a different year. The MoBs are in charge of the calendar, please pay attention to the time cues that will be provided on the AWE story boards.

Change of Venue - Moray Dun Garbh: The Scotia story location of Dun Deardruil is not an active story location in AWE. All stories that were taking place at or involved Dun Deardruil are now relocated to Dun Garbh. Dun Garbh was once controlled by Lord Orquist, but was given as a wedding gift to his wife, Saoirse of the Niall. Shortly after their wedding, Saoirse departed Dun Garbh and has not returned since. Her brother Caoilfhionn has ruled there by proxy, but has made only short visits there a couple of times each year in the years since the transition of property took place.

Change of Venue - Moray Glen Airchartdun: This is the location for stories that have formerly taken place at Glen Urchurdan. Only a name change here to something more correct for the time of our story.

Change of Venue - Moray Burghead: The Scotia story location of Craig Phadraig is not an active story location in AWE. All stories that were taking place at or involved Craig Phadraig are now set at Burghead. Burghead is the home of the evil (and possibly insane) Lord Orquist. After the death of Brude, he briefly took up residence at the Craig, but decided he needed a bigger home in a location more advantageous to his plans for greatness.

Change of Venue - Tay Arbroath: The Scotia story location of Abnerathy is not an active story location in AWE. All stories that were taking place at or involved Abernathy are now set at Tay - Arbroath. Arbroath is the home of Gartnait, Mormaer of Tay, and high king of all the Pictish tribes.

Emchath's Story: The details of Emchath's story (his current story closely linked to that of Bile and Saoirse), have changed, although the flavor of the story is very much the same. Emchath, the notorious fer-taibh pirate, was captured several months ago by Eogan, Lord of Tarbert. He was held there for several months before Saoirse secured his release, along with that of his young keeper, Bile.

If you do not find a familiar story location at AWE, it is probably because it is not an active location in this new story landscape. If you are still interested in playing at AWE, please consult with the MoBs. They will help get you reacclimated and find an appropriate venue for your story.

Have fun!

The AWE MoBs