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We know that John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was a devout Roman Catholic, and while his belief system informed his writings in subtle and non-obvious ways, the denizens of Middle Earth did not celebrate the winter seasonal holidays as we know them on our Earth. But, what if? What if, indeed? Would they have legends of antlered Wargs leading a Santa figure bearing gifts forged by Dwarves and baked by Elves? Would Wise Men have followed a star (Elendilmir?) to the West?

What the Dickens. Let's find out!

The Ghost of
Christmas Future

We can make our selection of Old Wise Men from the following. They fit at least two of the requirements.

Even in an idyllic paradise such as Middle Earth, always there will be difficulties

We wonder if that Eye might make a good lawn ornament? Naw, the neighborhood would catch on fire!

Begin your journey though Middle Earth by joining us for An Unexpected Party. There's always plenty lembas and mushrooms, and ale on tap!

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