Oscar Mike


by Captain StarCastle

Across history there has always been a presence of military. Our history is littered with wars, scrimmages, police actions, and battles of all kinds. From the wars of the Roman Empire to the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military has a deep and rich history. Oscar Mike, or On Mission, is a magazine dedicated to the discussion of all things military.--Charlie Smith

This new format created a means to get folks to take part in and notice what valuable references are scattered across Pan Historia; posting on a whim, perhaps joining so they can receive member messages from time to time, updates of events that might be taking place at a particular Magazine—the option there for everyone, and it is an ‘instant’ join; no waiting. The Magazine also allows the casual browser, who may not wish be a member, to comment on a post in a Magazine; play trivia games, post in a particular discussion without having to stop, join, wait for the acceptance, and possibly miss the opportune moment as well as the idea they originally had. The idea is brilliant.

Many of Pan’s Ref/Bks took the plunge and had their Books reformatted into Magazines, showing great success with casual posters as well as attracting new members. Others chose to remain in the ‘member posting’ format that is typical of the Reference Books for various reasons, thus giving Panites the best of both worlds.

I recently browsed the threads of Oscar Mike, the first of the Magazine format to apply and be created, and was amazed at what I discovered. In the General Military Reference Thread I found information on Military rankings, something I had searched the net for months before—information I was needing in a couple of the Novels I work in, right under my nose. Anyone who deals with Military ranks and Battle should have Oscar Mike linked on their Novel for the invaluable information on Warfare and weapons, both historical and current and the Magazine still has room to grow.

Gamers will love Oscar Mike as well. Information of Military and Gaming Industry shows how the gaming industry is a valuable tool for military recruitment, according to the resources. Charlie Smith talks about how warfare is big business, profitable and how the gaming industry looks at this. Very interesting! Very informative! With so many historical Novels at PAN I suspect each one could use and contribute to this ingenious Magazine. Well done, Charlie. *salutes*

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