The Published Music Edition

by Antoinette Picard

Aries (March 21-April 20 )-Hey, Aries! The full moon is rising, the feeling is hot, and the wicked wind whispers and moans. The warm smell of colitas is rising up through the air, your head feels heavy, and your sight is goin' dim. You know what I mean! It's time to look after yourself- seriously! The Holidays will be here soon, and one must be in top form to do justice to the goodies therein. Take it to the Limit, but don't over do it.

Taurus (April 21-May 20 )- Wow, Taurus! A Blast from the Past has blown into town, and what a commotion! Dare you take the challenge? Dare you not? Grab out that Love Potion No. 9, and get some Radar Love!

Gemini (May 21-June 21)- Things are pretty much on an even keel for you, Gemini! Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree with Just anyone. Only You can make the changes you need to make. Chances Are, things could be very cozy, indeed...

Cancer: ( June 21-July 20)-It's time to be Sittin' On Top of the World, Cancers! To be Shooting the Curl! Grab your Little Surfer Girl, and jump in your 409 for cruise down the Ventura Highway in the sunshine... and hope your days will be longer, and your nights will be stronger than moonshine.

Leo ( July 21- Aug.20)- It is your time for a Peaceful, Easy Feeling. Don't give in to the stress and worry of being a Daytripper. Listen to the Band, and relax. It will ease your Heart and Soul.

Virgo ( Aug. 21-Sept. 20)-Hey, Virgos!! Every morning, every evening, Ain't We Got Fun? Maybe it's too late to be dancing the Charleston now, but who knows? What Goes Around comes around, and if you're In the Mood, life can be just as beautiful as A String of Pearls.

Libra (Sept. 21-Oct. 20 )-Are we ready for Stormy Weather, and Singing In The Rain, Librans? You've been Singing The Blues much too long. It's time to have some fun. Don't Worry, Be Happy! You don't want it to be Forever Autumn, now, do you?

Scorpio ( Oct. 21-Nov. 20 )-Time to listen to the Minstrels in the Gallery, Scorpios- especially If you have an Aries in your life! Everything Is Beautiful, so don't let your stinger upset the Best of Things. Go with the flow,even if it's that Cold Wind to Valhalla.Just remember to keep it safe- especially when dealing with the Baker Street Muse.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21-Dec. 20 )-Bring Me to Life, Sags! With A Little Love, your world could become a Paradise.That niggling sense of doubt must be banished, Come What May, so that you can spread your wings and Fly Away to La Isla Bonita or somewhere else to relax...and don't think you're Crazy. There are lots of people who want to be in Margueritaville.

Capricorn ( Dec. 21- Jan. 20 )-It's just Another Brick In The Wall for you, Caps! Another day, another dollar, and you need a Celebration.Don't be a Desperado. Be a Hero, My Immortal! The rewards will make you Princes of the Universe.

Aquarius ( Jan. 21- Feb. 20 )-It's a Kind of Magic that holds your love life together-but Pain Is So Close To Pleasure, isn't it? Don't Lose Your Head! Friends Will Be Friends, and all will be well. With some work, with One Vision, it could be good Forever.

Pisces ( Feb 21- Mar. 20 )-Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Pisces, to keep you from having some Good Times. You'll be getting some Good Vibrations soon, and then someone will be asking you to Come Sail Away! Of course, you've got to make the decision, Pisces, so will it be Red Sails In The Sunset, or Rocky Mountain High?

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