Interview with Margaret Stanley:
The Novel Elizabeth R

by Clio

C ~ What was the inspiration behind your novel? How long have you been thinking about creating it before it became a reality?

MS ~ In the original novel we had intended for an alternate storyline, but we soon realized that it had gotten out of hand, a bit off putting, and we left the novel on hiatus. When we returned to it later, it was still intended as an alternative, one that was in our control and would space itself out. Upon further discussion, we realized it wasn't truly what we wanted. We wanted a historically accurate novel of passion. We wanted to focus more on the emotion of the time, to use the information we have and recreate the personalities we thought would exist. We wanted the historical faces to be more than what we see in a simple biography. We asked ourselves questions like, "What were their motives? How did this event shape their lives? How would their reactions be?"

We immediately began to review the historical information and drew up the answers to these questions. After a few months, we felt we were ready to try again. Thus, the 'new' Elizabeth R was formed.

C ~ How easy or hard was it to get this novel off the ground?

MS ~ When we first decided this route, we reviewed our current research and delved further into it. Once we started, we found ourselves in a heap of questions - the same ones listed above and more. We paired the first and most important questions with our research. After we decided on the basics each question became easier to answer. However, we always went back to the research to make sure it made sense.

C ~ Do you have a story arc in mind or will you see where the various characters take the story?

MS ~ The main story arc is the research, any events that we may come across. The first chapter is dedicated to the beginning of Mary I's decline and a slight realization that Elizabeth will be Queen of England. And of course our characters have their own stories to tell, all of which could help with these events.

Aside from our chapters, we have a Prologue which enables flashback posts - any posts taking place before our current date. If you miss a day on our timeline and had hoped for a post, it can be posted there.

C ~ Are you looking for specific types of characters to join your novel? Who should consider joining the novel?

MS ~ Basically, anyone interested is welcome.

We are open to any historical character of this time, anyone that you can find. We are also open to any fictitious characters - as long as they play well with the history. Even though we are mainly set in England, any story that takes place elsewhere is welcome. We understand that history is also happening in other countries, so it is only fair that we allow these histories to be investigated. A connection to England is unnecessary for this reason.

I will say that we are currently in need of an Elizabeth.

C ~ Why would you recommend that someone to read your novel? MS ~ I would recommend it because we will be staying true to the history while emphasizing the humanity of our characters. We want our readers to relate to them, to understand the time and what they could have felt.

C ~ Where would you like to see this novel in January 2015?

MS ~ I would like to see it flourish with new chapters and new writers.

C ~ Is there anything else you would like the members of Pan Historia to know about your novel?

MS ~ We welcome any questions and comments.

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