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by The Pan Historian Editor

Where were you during Pandemonium Month at Pan Historia?

Were you creating scary skulls in the Day of The Dead Skull Art hosted at Zone: Fantasy, decorating your home in the fashion of the Halloween spirit in The Lucky 13th Annual Halloween Home & DJ Decorating Contest!, making haunting little quilt squares for the 13 Halloween Quilt Square Contest, writing some lovely ghost story for the Ghost Stories Writing Contest, running around headless on a horse in the Beware The Headless Horseman Graphic Game, or just enjoying the festivities of the month, ending with the Fantastic Phantom Ball hosted at the winning Home Dťcor, at Jackson Square.

So much to do and only 31 (which is the reverse of 13) days to do it all. I was exhausted, I can tell you that! Oh, and to be sure there was some Trick or Treating going on as well, and Clio was littering the place with candy! Crazy! Wait! Wasnít there some insane Iron Writer Challenge as well? I remember something about Spiders!

Elephant Awareness was the theme for November at Pan and we did good stuff, folks! It was a Global Community Month here at Pan, with folks earning the Global Community Badge for new and upgraded subscription, and panickel purchases. Pan Historia donated 50% of all those purchases to the action group Wildlife Conservation Network. Hit the link above for the details of our goal to help save the Elephants and click here to see how much we donated to the worthy cause. Every little bit helps! But donít stop there. Just because November is over, doesnít mean you canít continue to donate and support these great, regal animals on you own. Thanks to everyone for your support. There were some light-hearted Elephant events that helped keep the positive awareness alive too. Caption This prompted members to come up with creative captions to elephant pictures posted during the month, as well as Elephant Trivia that earned folks panickels and a special plaque for the correct answers (very informative and fun), and the Dumbo Coloring Contest really gave members a chance to be a kid again and dig out their favorite crayons and paintbrush applications.

Aside from decorating the Pan Tree, the Secret Santa Gift Exchange had folks celebrating the Holiday season. You might want to look back on some of the gifts if youíre curious. Very cool stuff!

As we did last year, January is now PanWriMo 2014 and we are now approaching the last week for members to expand their creative writing skill in the second annual event that will end on the 31st. Check back in a couple weeks for an update. Watch for it on the Dailies!

Tank Girl became our newest Iron Writer in January 2014, challenging J Sprocket Stemwinder, in what is referred to as A Battle Metallica!, pulling out all the ammunition in her writing arsenal to take the well deserved honor. Amazing courses presented by both writers that deserve a second read! Congratulations TG!

If youíve wondered what the heck Iron Writer is all about, go to any one of the above threads and check out the courses presented for your reading pleasure, much like chefs in the literary kitchen. For more information, if youíre feeling you could become the next Iron Writer, head to the Rules and Regulations to see how itís done! Any writer may challenge another Iron Writer. Itís a great way to sharpen your creative writing skills.

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