Looking Into The Spotlight
Reference Books and Magazines

by Valencia: Pan Librarian

A couple years back Sam Service started a feature on the Dailies within the Reference Connection threads, called Spotlight On… A simple and creative way to highlight posts and events taking place on the Reference Books and Magazines here at Pan Historia. The ‘spotlight’ table always sits on the Reference Dailies page, but now and again, Sam posts one on the No Whispering Allowed Forum under Reference Book News on the Dailies to remind us to have a look see. Follow the link to where they begin and see what you missed.

I browsed back through those posts beginning in 2010 and was pleased they are still accessible and filled with some pretty cool links. I found I had missed a few great contributions and interesting things to chat about that folks have shared. You can never get enough fun reference.

I’d like to thank Sam for this feature, and look forward to the next round of Spotlight features…and will continue to ramble back through the old ones. Don’t want to miss anything.

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'Cocaine Blues/Flying Too High/Murder on the Ballarat Train' by Kerry Greenwood
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The On-Going Tales of BeeBee and Me!
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