A Chat With Serendipity: AI

by The Pan Historian Editor

PHE ~ What was the inspiration behind Perihelion? How long have you been thinking about creating it before it became a reality?

SER ~ I had been itching to start a new SciFi story, and there was one starting in The Sandbox that got my attention. Unfortunately, that story didn't go anywhere, but the idea for Serendipity still demanded to be written, so we started Perihelion.

Serendipity is the AI installed within the ship, and Perihelion is the story of that ship, and it's crew. It's more of a Space Opera than hardcore SciFi, and our writers are a wonderful group that I'm pleased to be working with.

PHE ~ How easy or hard was it to get Perihelion off the ground?

SER ~ Easy, since it was a transition out of a different story, into our new novel with a different universe and concept. Although, we're kind of a slower moving novel, which is fine by me.

PHE ~ Do you have a story arc in mind or will you see where the various characters take the story?

SER ~ We don't plan very far ahead at all. It's definitely scene by scene for us. And that's a lot of the fun for me. I love to let the Characters determine the story.

PHE ~ Are you looking for specific types of characters to join your novel? Who should consider joining the novel?

SER ~ We wouldn't mind some Guest Stars or minor characters, especially those who might live on dangerous star bases or who could hire us to perform salvage jobs.

PHE ~ Why would you recommend that someone to read your novel?

SER ~ If a reader likes Firefly, or other space opera stories, they'd probably like us. We plan to have lots of intrigue, gadgets, and space faring fun!

PHE ~ Where would you like to see this novel in January 2015?

SER ~ I'd like us to have had a steady year. Even if we're not the fastest posters, consistency is more important.

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