What's New ~ 2014
Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed, Something Blue

by Captain StarCastle

Something Old
I was thrilled and moved by the discussion on the Dailies when I had the idea to pay tribute to those Pan Historia novels of old. My casual search sparked others to look back as well to remember story lines and characters they had once used, so many contributing titles and insight to some of those past works. I was humbled by the love for Pan Historia I felt when reading those posts. Itís so great that we have the fairly new ARCHIVE feature now for novels that have closed, but not vanished.

Something New
As we look ahead to the future of Pan Historia, ready to write new stories, explore new skills and genres, make new friends and engage in creating tales with new writing partners, we canít help but tap into what came before. Recalling the roots and beginnings of Panís early novels and stories is a great way to immortalize original ideas, as well as pay homage to the characters who lived those stories. Many of these new novels today are a direct result of what came before.

Something Borrowed
Originally I was going to list all the lost titles in this article that I gathered from my Hunt For Deleted Novels, but when the list hit over 100 (Iím sure some are still out there waiting to be mentioned), I decided to link the discussion thread instead. That way folks can look back and contribute as they remember for all to see on the Dailies. And donít forget the importance of the Pan Historian Archives, where all the Editions from 2003 to today, are just a click away, and many of these past novels are immortalized in their pages.

Something Blue
The fact that we are still standing, thanks to the creators and members of Pan Historia, having survived two major set backs in the beginning, tells so much about the folks who continue to support PAN. In 2004 the unthinkable struck (I had only been a member for a few short months), but we banned together at the Den and struggled back with a vengeance, sadly leaving so many great novels and writers behind in the wake of that event. Then again 2006 threatened to undermine our resolve, but again we refused to be taken down and came back even stronger.

Clio said it right in her Editorial for this Pan Historian Edition, that many changes have occurred over the years, and looking back down the path of those changesóhow so many of the current novels and books found their way to the present, having been inspired by those early story lines and adventuresóis so important to where we are headed, always striving to be new. The possibilities of that NEW direction are indeed, endless.

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