What's New:
In The History Genre

by Lady Althea

What's New...at the History Genre!

It wouldn't be called the History genre if its novels didn't focus on the past. Gladiators, queens, emperors, court ladies, warriors...These are just a sample of the vast cast of characters that can be found in the genre. We cannot say that writing about the past and forgotten times, about long gone monarchs or the glorious days of a civilization is a synonym of oldness. On the contrary, the novels at the History genre continue to present us with new plots, intrigues, characters and events.

In an informal way I am going to present the reader with a list of what is happening in each novel, challenging him or her to read a few posts (or even join a novel), if interest sparks.

  • A Scent of Mystery: "Murder on the Wing" is the new case being solved by the Hamilton Agency. When a birdwatcher and his son get separated at a nature preserve, tragedy strikes. Circumstantial evidence will suggest one thing, but can the Balashenkos prove otherwise and help to save an innocent man? The story features Dr. Oliver Skye, a young medical student named Matthew, and the charming Miss Olivia Holcombe. What is the truth behind this case?

  • Accursed Kings: There is a new and promising member in the novel, Jean de Polissac. Jean is an illegitimate Évreux-boy, who travels around as minstrel and masterly combines history and literature to create troubles and embarrass people, especially royalties. Where will his travels take him? Will he get into trouble?

  • Age of Vikings: Viking Chicks, a sun-story from the past is being restarted for the Age of Vikings thread at Zone: History. There is also the story of a viking couple from Jorvik leaving home for new colonies to the west. Will they reach to their destiny safely? Will their new life be what they were expecting?

  • Century of Chaos: The republicans in the Senate still thirst for a return to the republic (which makes Gnaeus Caelius consider beheading Cato and Cicero and be done with it). Meanwhile Gnaeus's wife, Aura, has become a little too popular with the masses for his taste and so he had arranged for her to become the High Priestess of Saturn. Will sending his popular wife away to the island of Elba solve Gnaeus's problem?

  • Elizabeth R: Historical intrigue is rising! It is the closing reign of the woman nicknamed Bloody Mary, a time of religious conflict. It is becoming more apparent that Elizabeth is the likely heir, however the Catholics aren't too eager for a Protestant ruler. Games of power, ambition and intrigue are taking over the novel. Who will rise and who will fall?

  • Kingdom of Conscience: King Baldwin IV, the Leper King has died and so did his successor, two years later. Now, the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem has no king. The barons are gathering the sisters of the Leper King, the princesses Sibylla and Isabella while the situation augurs a possible civil war as well as an intervention of Salah ad-Din and the Saracens. The few moderate lords try to find a good solution to the kingdom's problems. Will they succeed? Who will become Jerusalem's new ruler?

  • Poisoned Crown: During the minority of Charles VIII, the suitable Princess, Anne de Beaujeu defeated and imprisoned the rebels, among them Louis D’Orléans, the closest male relative to the boy-king. Louis's main ally, Francois de Bretagne, has died and Anne plans to occupy the duchy and seize the heiress’ hand for her brother. But she needs Louis’ help. Anne has a secret that D'Orléans knows: she has an out-of-wedlock son from his brother-in-law. Will Louis use this secret to his favor? Or will Anne be able to go forward with her plans without any scandals?

  • The Romanovs - One Last Dance: Tsaervich Alexei Nikolaevich's engagement with Elizabeth of Greece has just been announced. It is a time of celebration for the Romanov family and all its members travel to Russia to congratulate the couple. Aunt Miechen is thrilled that finally one of her descendants will become part of Russian's royalty. Will she get along with the rest of the family?

  • Vices and Virtues: Lady Eleanor Dashwood and Sean Travers are currently in Cape Town South Africa. It is discovered that Lady Eleanor Dashwood is expecting a child. How will Eleanor's father, General Dashwood react when he learns his only daughter is with child? Will he still love his daughter? Or will he disown her?

    Last but not least I would like to send a big thank you to the novels' MoBs for their time in providing the necessary information to write this modest piece. Also big cheers to all the writer's in the History genre, who keep working with dedication and provide us with many great stories to read.

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