Pan Historia's Newest Anthology
Ghost Stories

by Constance Russell

From the time most of us were very young, we were fascinated by ghost stories. Recently, a new anthology was created at Pan Historia which allows all of us to explore our fascination and perhaps scare each other in the process. It is called Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories has several threads such as Retelling Ghost Stories, True Ghost Stories and Fictional Ghost Stories. Surely almost everyone has a tale that can fit into one or more of those categories, and the MoBsters of this anthology urge people to share their tales of ghost and ghostly doings in writing.

Like many novels at Pan, the origins of Ghost Stories came from a gram conversation between a couple of members. Within a very short time, the Anthology was created and posts began to be made. However, as in any novel, the proof is in the staying power, and the creators of this novel will need your input to help keep Ghost Stories alive and vibrant over the coming months and years.

So the Mobsters at Ghost Stories invite you to come and read and then share your own ghost stories with everyone else. Ghosts can be found year round—not just at Halloween!

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