Welcome To The Pan Historian
Plunging Into 2014

by Clio

Sometimes we forget how far Pan Historia has come and how many changes have occurred over the years. As we start this new year and prepare for our Panniversary, the staff at the Pan Historian thought that we might look at changes that have occurred over the past year. While there were no changes to the organization of the site, the site did grow and change with the introduction of new novels and the archiving of old ones.

You may have noticed our walk down memory lane on the dailies as we tried to come up with a list of novels that are no longer active. They remind us that Pan is constantly growing and changing. They also tell us that we are the creators and developers of this site. It is our creativity and our support in time and money that make Pan Historia possible.

Enjoy this edition of the Pan Historian as we look back before we plunge further into 2014.

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