Tales of The Clockwork Empire

by Alais

Steampunk or “history of a future past that never existed, but might have” has exploded on the scene at Pan Historia and has introduced us all to the dapper, debonair, man with the Big Black Hat and his many minions, J. Sprocket Stemwinder.

JS and his fellow MoBster, Constance Culpepper are, in life outside of Pan Historia, actively involved in the steampunk movement and it was only natural for them to bring a steampunk novel into existence, thus was born Tales of The Clockwork Empire. Steampunk is a genre which is generally considered a branch of science fiction with some dashes of fantasy and romance thrown in. Often, but not always, set in Victorian England, it reflects elements found in the writings of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells especially as they imaged future technology powered by steam.

The story in the Clockwork Empire is somewhat based on Kipling’s Great Game found in his novel Kim—only it is a steamier version set in the 1880s. Spying and skullduggery, alchemy, magic, and steampower mix to create an exciting adventure which is sure to entice anyone interested in an alternative view of history. JS and Constance also work to keep members informed about events such as conventions in the steampunk world outside of Pan Historia.

A Clockwork Empire is fun to read and is even more fun to actively participate in as a writer. If there is enough interest, there might even be a Pan steampunk group formed. Calliope has been looking for steampunk outfits for her cats—although the cats might have some objections. The steampunk work inside and outside of Pan Historia is fun and friendly. You are invited and encouraged to join in and have fun.

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