Take A Bite
Out Of The Big Apple!

by Clio

A recent conversation with Tatiana Illyinskaya enlightened me about the newest addition to Panís Contemporary Fiction GenreóApplesauceóa novel in which the setting, New York City, is one of the main characters. The MoBsters hope that quirkiness of the city as shown in actual current events will play a major role in developing the story line.

Applesauce has its roots in the former novel Apartment Living which is now Out of Print. Yet, the writers kept reading about events in the city which were inspiring posts, so after discussing whether or not to be part of an anthology such as Short Cuts, they decided to create this new novel, Applesauce.

To be honest, the novel is still getting up and running. There is a story arc of sorts that will carry the novel for several months, but it is flexible which means this is a great time to join in the novel and make New York City your playground. The MoBsters are looking for writers who have thoughts and opinions and who are willing to interact with others, and you donít have to LOVE New York to participate. Whether you want to be a recent transplant to the city or a native, a tourist or a Wall Street denizen, Applesauce offers great opportunities for creativity.

Applesauce is a great addition to the range of novels at Pan. Please drop by and read there and consider joining in. I know that the MoBsters Jon May and Tatiana Illyinskaya would be delighted to give you more information and answer any questions you might have.

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