Stay Tuned Magazine
Something To Reconsider When Thinking Fan Fiction

by Data

Not all Fan Fiction here at Pan Historia is restricted to, or contained in just Novels.

The Magazine Stay Tuned is dedicated to all things TeleVision (and more I think), in the form of reference and games, and often gets lost in the shuffle when searching for what is Fan Fiction at PAN. Certainly TV spin-offs in the form of Novels here at Pan Historia are FanFic. Even many of the TV programs and series events come from books or novels; Fan Fiction on the little screen. Then again, I suppose the term 'little screen' is irrelevant these days. Still, TV plays a big part if keeping us aligned with what is at the core of fan fiction; imaginary worlds. Shows like The Walking Dead, Deadwood, and NCIS, can be examples. But there is also animation here at Pan Historia that is FanFic as well, and Video Game Fan Fiction. Kingdom Hearts - Hearts Destiny is based on a video game. I thought I would share a couple of posts I found at Stay Tuned that seemed to fit in this edition of the Pan Historian. You might find them interesting. Even might want to share your thoughts once you're over there.

Cartoons: Anime
Anime refers mostly to Japanese Anime and is much different from other forms of cartoon styles. This is by far my favorite type of cartoon.

The best way to watch any Anime series is uncut and undubbed (meaning translated into english) because whenever a series is chopped into itty bitty pieces, the essential story line becomes lost and characters are changed. Openly gay/lesbian characters get stuck in relationships with the "appropriate" sex, heavy violence is cut in half, words are changed.. The list goes on.

Hurt and Heal - Star Trek
The object of the game is to take one point away from one of the names, and add it to another name….We're starting the game off at twenty points per name. Once a name reaches zero, that person is "dead" and can be removed from the list.

  • Captain Kirk - 20
  • Spock - 20
  • Captain Picard - 20
  • Will Riker - 20
  • Captain Sisko - 20
  • Kira Nerys - 20
  • Captain Janeway - 20
  • Chakotay - 20
  • Captain Archer - 20
  • T'Pol – 20
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