You Didn't Know They Were FanFic?

by Captain StarCastle

Most of the time when we hear Fan Fiction at Pan Historia, we think Fantasy, or Science Fiction, or even Horror. Many of PAN’s Novels look to popular Films and TV, or a series of saga-like Books to tap into as a basis for continued adventures in fictitious, or even factual worlds writers are fascinated by. I remember Battlestar Galactica, The Spinal Tap spin-off, SG-1, and Galaxy Quest. So many Fan Fic novels exist in the past here at PAN, nice to recall them, right?

Anyway, even many of the faces of PAN, those great Avatars we pick to represent the various characters we write with, are a form of FAN FIC. Yeah, the image you use for your AVI, be it a film or TV actor, a famous historical figure or glamorous runway model, even that radical graphic animated pic you use, is Fan Fiction. Then, with the use of ‘canon’ characters from your favorite films or books—along with a few added original characters—we PAN writers of fan fiction create our own take on existing, published material, expand and stretch story lines, envisioning whole NEW events and situations. There are several views by concerned literary individuals on whether this unauthorized practice is acceptable, or even legal, even though the internet is the real hotbed and primary source of Fan Fic; pretty much unstoppable.

*From a section of Britannica Encyclopedia, edited by Nancy Schulz: “Though many purists believed that “real” fiction came completely from the imagination, **[Henry] Jenkins disagreed: “What would Shakespeare have done without dealing with preexisting characters? All of his stories were based on characters that already existed.” Jenkins believed that fan fiction was another way of continuing the folk process that dominated the storytelling tradition long before “we began to think of stories as legal property of individuals or companies rather than the shared property of a culture.”

“Somebody said to [creator Chris Carter] early on…when he first started to see fan fiction about Mulder and Scully on the Internet, ‘You know you’ve got a hit because the characters have taken hold in the imagination of the audience.’”

However there are Authors that do not authorize the use of their characters or literary material as a part of this FanFiction world, and Pan Historia respects that. There have been a few characters in the past here at PAN that have been told to delete their characters, both name and Avatar upon request by the original Author (yes, there are Authors who visit Pan Historia) through contact with the Publishers of PH. There are storylines that are not permitted by the original creators of those stories, and those are not here either. But there are many Authors that look at fanfic as a means to promote and flatter, even heighten fan base and awareness of their works in general. But there is still that sense of responsibility when using a storyline or ‘canon’ character in a PAN Novel based on a particular book, film, or TV series. You will see this on many DJ covers here in the form of a ‘disclosure’ paragraph that acknowledges the owner of the character or world being recreated.

Her is the current list of Fan Fiction Novels at Pan Historia.

  • Alien - Hive
  • Babylon 6: A New Era
  • Chosen
  • Deadwood
  • Firefly
  • The Forgotten Realms
  • Highlander: The Novel
  • Hogwarts
  • Kingdom of Conscience
  • Kingdom Hearts – Hearts Destiny
  • My Heart Belongs to a Pirate
  • Narnia: Beyond the Wardrobe
  • NCIS
  • New Tales from Middle Earth
  • The One Ring
  • Planet of the Apes
  • SG Atlantis
  • Star Wars: The Saga
  • TARDIS Diaries
    Twilight - Eternity
  • When the Dead Come Knocking

    …but the list is so much longer when you include all those Novels that are now gone.

    *Fan-Fiction TV Viewers…Encyclopedia Britannica; Nancy Schulz

    **Henry Jenkins, author of Textual Poachers: Television Fans & Participatory Culture (1992)

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