An Intimate Interview With Sesen
On Location aboard the Black Pearl

by Helper Elf

HE:When I heard that the new Pan Historian Edition would be about fan fiction I instantly thought of My Heart belongs to a Pirate. Sesen and I have known each other longer than I have been at Pan… actually she was the one who brought me here. After a short chat we both agreed to do this in character – as fans of fiction so to speak. We had lots of fun doing this fictional interview. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

S: "I want to thank you, Helper Elf, for coming aboard the Black Pearl for this interview. I know these are busy times for all, and I appreciate you making this extra effort. Plus I’m delighted to show you a little of the Sparrows’ world, up close and personal, as it were. Jack's busy today repairing lines and sails up top, so he couldn't join us. We have the cabin to ourselves for as long as we need it! Gibbs did come by with some warm apple cider though. Bless him!“

HE: "Thank you, my dearest Sesen for having me! Oopsie… *giggles* Maybe I shouldn’t have too much of that cider, I am already staggering. Just not used to being on a ship."

S: "No worries, the sea's not too rough today, so you'll get used to the gentle rocking. We'll just sit quiet here by the Captain's desk and chat.“

HE: “Well, then let us start right away: How do you feel about how Gore Verbinski and later Rob Marshall made the adventures of your husband into a movie?“

S: "I’m delighted, Helper Elf, more than Jack is, actually. In many regards, he’s a private person. Both the Captain and I understand some things needed to be “underplayed” or perhaps “embellished” for the purpose of a cinema, but, in general, we both are pleased with what has been portrayed. Movie-goers need to realize, however, that these movies are only a small part of Jack Sparrow’s world. There is so much more to the Captain than the swashbuckling rogue who is seen on the big screen. That being said, we are grateful that Mr. Verbinski and Mr. Marshall, and especially Disney Pictures, decided to produce these films. In doing so, they have made my beloved Captain an icon and, in essence, a goodwill ambassador around the globe. I’m very proud of him! Jack and I are amused, realizing that is not a bad reputation for a rapscallion! As my dearest would say, “Funny ol’ world, in'it!” My Captain, surprisingly modest as he is, doesn’t understand why all the fuss though. I disagree with him – I think the attention is well-deserved! Jack Sparrow is an amazing man.“

HE: “I just recognized Gibbs. It was Mister Gibbs who brought us the cider, right? I am really impressed how much his actor looks like him! So are you comfortable with their choice of actors, especially with Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow?“

S: "Yes, Joshamee is a dear, isn’t he! Besides being my Captain’s skillful first mate, he’s also quite talented in the galley! As far as the actors in the movies, Disney really tried to do their best to make good matches. I tease Joshamee though – his beard in real-life is not nearly as trimmed as portrayed by Kevin McNally. Johnny Depp was a wise choice to play my Captain. Their looks are almost identical, although my Captain is ever so more beguiling and handsome, outside and inside. He has a ruggedness that appeals to me that could not be shown in the films. (wink) Jack also sports many more tattoos than we see on Mr. Depp. Their personalities are definitely similar – fun-loving and a little reckless, but both are quite cunning and clever. The biggest difference is that the real Captain is an efficient and capable commander of our Black Pearl. The Jack Sparrow portrayed by Mr. Depp seems to lack some necessary leadership skills at times. Then again, the movies portray Jack’s earlier days. Time has given my beloved some qualities only gained from experience and a most alluring maturity.“

HE: *looking round in awe* "I am rather impressed by the size of the Pearl and how much of a home she is. Do you think the model from the movie does her justice?“

S: "The Black Pearl you see now is at the peak of her proficiency, due to the love and care of her Captain and crew. Oft times, the Pearl seen in the movies is in much need of repair. That has been exaggerated for cinematic purposes and effective storytelling. The Black Pearl is indeed a magical ship, and has experienced some amazing mystical alterations overtime. Through all her years of service, my Captain has always tried his best to keep her shipshape, and that has been minimized in the making of the films. The Black Pearl is my Jack’s second love, and he would never let her fall in such disrepair as is seen in some scenes of the films. He would do the work himself if need be – and has many times. My Captain knows every nail, plank and seam in our ship.“

HE: "All the movies refer to a time before you and Jack even met. Do you think he is different now to whom he was back then?"

S: "Much about my Captain is the same, and much has changed. Jack Sparrow is obviously a very dynamic and complicated man. The pirate, the devil-may-care sailor, will always be there. Time has tempered some of Jack’s recklessness though. His priorities in life have changed somewhat, and we agree that is a good thing, for he surely would have ended up at the end of a noose, or sinking to the depths of Davey Jones’ locker by now. World traveler and pursuer of treasures – always! Great lover – eternally! Pirate in his heart and soul – devilishly true! How has Jack changed? My Captain has had many adventures and has learned one very important lesson, among others. He needs to love and be loved in return. That lesson is one of the reasons I started recording my memoirs – to put in words, to show and teach our children and grandchildren the true story of Jack Sparrow, and how being loved and loving with all his heart and soul has enriched his life – and mine."

HE:“Talking about being genuine, which of the movies do you like best?“

S: "I prefer the movie that is the most accurate and better reflects Jack’s true nature –The Curse of the Black Pearl. Some of the films portray him as having fear, almost to being cowardly! I have to laugh at this, for Captain Jack Sparrow doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Curse of the Black Pearl also shows Jack’s “romantic” propensity better than the other films. My Captain claims his reputation as a “ladies’ man” is greatly overstated in these movies. I would challenge that notion, now that I know Jack’s “vigorous appetite” intimately. I’m sure the films have understated that side of my pirate, due to the restrictions Disney no doubt has placed on movies for audiences of all ages. All I can say is - bless him and his vitality!"

HE: “You have experienced many adventures together with Captain Jack Sparrow. Which was your favorite one and why?“

S: "We most certainly have had many adventures and experienced great dangers, joys and heartaches together, Helper Elf. The journey we are on right now is astounding and epic in nature – a voyage to Egypt to answer questions and solve riddles from our pasts. We are about to embark on a trek that will shortly take us to the feet of the Sphinx! But as tantalizing as these adventures are, the stories I have enjoyed writing most deal with little things – especially aspects of my Captain that he has shared with me, giving me a personal part of himself in unique and loving ways. The chapters when he taught me how to swordfight, and then how to fire his pistol – those were sheer delights to put down in words. The chapter when he taught me how to play chess – I laughed the whole time my pen moved across the parchment! Our times in the rum locker when Jack has bared his soul to me, telling of horrors from his past, crying in my arms until we fall asleep – magical, meaningful moments I needed to relate in great detail. These are wonderful parts of Jack Sparrow that no one will ever see on the movie screen. Thus is the reason for writing them and the real purpose of My Heart Belongs to a Pirate – to preserve for all time these treasured moments, lasting far beyond that day in the distant future when we sail the Black Pearl towards her last horizon.“

HE: "Thank you, my dearest Sesen for giving us this very interesting insight into your life with the most famous Captain of all times – Captain Jack Sparrow!

S: "Once again, thank you, Helper Elf. It’s been a true joy! The next time we’re in port, please come aboard and we’ll take a more exten sive tour of this incredible galleon. Happy Holidays to you and to all of Pan Historia.“[i>

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