Pan's Newest Fan Fiction Novel

by Tanya Hinsen

When a show is really long-running, the writers try too hard to ‘keep it fresh’ and start doing desperate things to appeal to new audiences. Inadvertently, they jump a few sharks and lose the initial viewing audiences. NCIS has seen its ups and downs, but there are still fun stories to tell if writers are willing to explore character options and not just reach for ratings. Writers of fanfic can do something television screenwriters can’t--take chances.

At NCIS we want to do the canon characters justice i.e. write them in a way that feels true . We want to make them ours to a degree, but not twist or warp them too much. It’s hard because there are so many people who will be overly critical and fast to say we are doing something ‘wrong’ because it’s an established character. The trick in fanfic is to have fun and remember to be true to the character. Write them, because you love them and not because you want to re-write them in a way you feel is ‘better’. Just steer clear of the Fanfic Sue zone and you’ll be ok.

NCIS is creating an ‘alternate universe’. Think of it as a whole new NCIS with a new set of screenwriters to make executive decisions. The novel will explore options the show didn’t. The writers already have some pretty cool ideas for the plot. The plan is to stick to the crime solving and action oriented formula, but we will add flavor with new characters and new drama that may take people’s lives in different directions that the show did. This is just challenging the characters in different ways and seeing how these scenarios will affect them. Read to discover!

The goal for this new fanfic novel is to just have a good time. We love the characters and the stories and we want to write and grow. We are going to take the NCIS characters from a place where they currently are and deviate from the show’s plot into our universe. It’s going to be fun to see where it goes and how it varies from the show as time goes by, especially if the show’s writers make huge alterations. Over time, our story may grow to be drastically different from the TV show depending on what happens on the show.

We have all these great ideas and mysteries to throw at the team and other writers might come in with fresh new ideas. The challenge of incorporating everyone’s ideas and working together like a team is exciting. We want everyone to feel welcome and have a great time. The opportunity to mix new characters into the story is just a whole new facet to the adventure. We really are striving to make the novel inclusive making sure everyone feels valid and has a place in the story. We aren’t above forming new teams and even letting someone start a fresh team in a new city if they like. We want to create, and new writers are an awesome part of the creative process.

We are recruiting, if anyone is interested! Canon and original characters are welcome from all the NCIS spin-offs as well. We are looking forward to getting our story going and if you are interested in writing or just have a neat idea, feel free to shoot us a message. We would love to have ‘avid watchers’ of our own.

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