Thoughts From Grandma Chestnut

by Grandma Chestnut

A small contribution from Grandma Chestnut, deep in the heart of Fangorn Forest, Middle Earth.

Greetings to all. Iím a fairly new member of The One Ring, a beautiful and quite imaginative tale that takes the reader on paths through Middle Earth that are a little different version from the Tolkien writings of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. We most definitely attempt to stay within the style of writing that Professor Tolkien has given us in such a grand and memorable way.

As for me, Iím a female Ent, Grandma Chestnut being my proper name. I dole out bits of wisdom as I travel to, through and around my homeland of Fangorn Forest. My intrepid companions have multiplied in my journeys, and now include a wise owl, a mysterious enchanted fox, a cheery and optimistic cardinal, and a quite unique rabbit, one of the elite Rhosgobel Rabbits of Mirkwood.

Why Grandma Chestnut for my name? Ents are very wise as one might know, and the term ďchestnutĒ can mean an amusing tale, an old, frequently repeated story, or song. In my adventures through Middle Earth I have had many experiences worthy of telling Ė and retelling, as need be. Of course, chestnut is a tree also, and as Ents resemble trees I thought the two fit together perfectly.

Inspiration surrounds me as I write. I have posters from Lord of the Rings, puzzles Iíve completed and of course Professor Tolkienís books nearby. Oft times all I need do is read one of his quotes, or one of my favorite chapters, and I find the idea for my next tale. Music is also a great source of inspiration, and the emotional and heart-pounding themes from the two trilogies are often heard as I write.

Iíve been warmly welcomed into the magical world of The One Ring, and I am grateful to be included in the wondrous world that Tolkien envisioned. I deem it as a great honor.

Please take the time and roam through The One Ring. Le nathlam hŪ. (You are welcome here.) Na lŻ e-govaned vÓn. (Until next we meet.)

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