Welcome To The "Fan" Historian
...The Flight of Imagination!

by Clio

I remember when I was a child laying in bed waiting to fall asleep and imagining new plots for my favorite TV shows with me as one of the characters. I generally fell asleep before the story was complete in my mind, but little did I know that those pre-sleep imaginings were my first venture into fanfic.

All of us have favorite TV shows, movies and books, and it is so easy to wonder what happened to certain characters before or after the original plot unfolds. Did Rhett actually give a damn? Could Oz exist without a bad witch? Did the soup nazi get in trouble with the food inspectors or the Better Business Bureau? What was Marshall Dillon doing with Miss Kitty? And what other worlds are out there for the Enterprise to explore?

Here at Pan Historia we let our imaginations take wing in so many ways. We create new worlds or just expand the world inhabited by our favorite characters. Writing fanfic has some unique challenges, but it obviously satisfies a curiosity that we all have.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of the Pan Historian and whether your writing here is totally original or a perfect example of fanfic, keep reading and keep writing.

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