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WESTERNS - Out of Print Novels

Coulter's Crossing
Set in the fictional Montana town of Coulter's Crossing. The story follows the lives of the people of the town and the surrounding country, where they try to move forward, but can't escape their pasts.

Astonishing Tales of the Weird West
An anthology of nightmares set in the Old West; stories that blend traditional Western action and supernatural adventure.

Barbary Coast
Forged from the gold, silver, dreams and desperation of opportunists who flocked to her Golden Gate, San Francisco in the late 19th century was, to many, a portal to prosperity--or perdition. Only the most brave--or foolhardy--frequented the depraved waterfront district known as the Barbary Coast.

The Western Trail
Reliving in a loose historical manner, the rigors, satisfactions and dangers of the old-time Texas cattle drives.

Wild as the West Texas Wind
Set in wild and wooly El Paso, Texas, a couple years after the arrival of the railroad.

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