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Action - Out of Print Novels

A compendium including the best of military fiction, historical debate and a workshop that focuses on the demands of writing action stories.

The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce is a UN run military organization, although they primarily take their orders from the British Prime Minister.

Welcome to county lockup, home of hardened criminals and nervous first timers. Will you be a criminal serving time, correctional officer making a living, cop bringing in an arrest, or a concerned citizen? Your sentence is being served in county lockup.

Adventures of the New Teen Titans
In a world long after the Teen Titans split up, Slade has united all the villains of the world under his banner. Now, thirty-seven years after the Great Schism, a small band of young heroes fight to bring justice back to the world.

The High Adventure
The High Adventure is a steampunk novel in which the forces of Science and Industry battle the forces of Superstition and the Occult to control the hearts and minds of humankind.

Grand Theft Auto: Hotwire
Deep in the mean streets of big bad cities all over the world, a highly organised gang of car thieves are running a deadly racket; but how long can they last?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Clash of Steel
A world of swashbuckling, sorcery, piracy, adventure, diplomacy and intrigue. A world of pirates, privateers, ancient sorcery, lost civilizations, horrors that hide in the shadows and horrors that hide in plain sight. Prepare to be blown out of the water!

Agents of MI-5 risk their life every day to safeguard our way of life. What do they do? It's best you don't know or else you wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

The Job
Do you have the skills? Do you have the guts? Do you have what it takes to do...The Job?

Twilight 2000
It's the aftermath of a long war in Europe. The Soviet Union never fell. NATO has been fighting a bloody war in Germany and Poland to stop the Warsaw Pact powers. Just hours before, a terrible battle shattered the NATO forces where you are. You're stranded and you're running for your life.

Bike messengers, who are like mercenaries, surf the planet for the big bucks, the big contracts. Whether in Prague, San Francisco, New York, or London the streets will haunt you, maybe even kill you. These men and women carry information that might change the world or end their lives.

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