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Sample Post from the Other Genre this Month:

Post Author at Pan HistoriaGethsemane posts in Pan Historia Junction

“Organics fear that which is different. It is an issue of their hardware, an error of their flesh.”

The unit took a few steps forward before stopping and lifting a three-fingered hand to take and hold a green leaf. With its single, brightly glowing photoreceptor, the unit watched itself gently rubbing the leaf, feeling with its fingertips and taking in the physical texture of the leaf. The data that came into the unit through its synthetic muscle tissue fibers at the tips of its fingers allowed the unit to gain some new understanding of what the material nature of the leaf was.

Intellectually, the unit knew the leafs primary function; to gather solar radiation and through a complex process involving CO2, H2O and NaCl, the tree would then convert these constituent elements into a class of organic compounds that are polyhydroxy and combine them with the collected solar radiation. This process, called by organics, was photosynthesis. Knowing this, the unit however did not know if the leaf supported a secondary function.

As the unit gently turned the leaf this way and that to catalog its unique pattern, this was the first time the unit had ever seen with its own photoreceptor, an actual leaf. This was also the first time the unit had ever touched a leaf, or for that matter, had ever been in physical proximity to a tree. Thus, the unit was unsure if it knew what it was supposed to think about the experience.

Removing its hand from the leaf, the unit looked around at its surroundings.

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