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Sample Post from the History Genre this Month:

Post Author at Pan HistoriaMelilot Brandybuck posts in Early American Narratives

Melilot pasted a polite smile on her face. She had been invited to the evening meal at Widow Sackville’s fashionable house in Marylebone in the West End of London. It was very good of Widow Sackville to invite her, as she told Melilot many times, since Melilot had few prospects. Melilot had rather unwisely left her home in Bucklebury where she was a dairy maid (which was a rather well paid position for one such as her) because she wanted to see the world. So she had traveled to London and endured being the poor relation of Widow Sackville. Melilot, not being especially well suited to life in service, had bounced from one position to another in London. Widow Sackville had just about given up on her and Melilot had been forced to move into a boarding house. Her status improved when she found a position as a cook at John Harden's Green Dragon Inn but Widow Sackville was still upset with her.

Also at the table were Widow Sackville’s more favored relations. There was her pride and joy, her son, Hildibrand Sackville, and his wife, Nora. Nora had been a Bolger. They had a son, William. Widow Sackville doted on her grandson. Hildibrand was a merchant like his late father. Widow Sackville’s other favorite relation was her eldest daughter Camellia. Camellia had married the wealthy merchant, Louis Bracegirdle, who at least was more jovial than Melilot's Sackville relations. They had a son, Octavius Bracegirdle. Widow Sackville loved her second grandson but he wasn’t a Sackville like her.

Widow Sackville’s second daughter, Rosa, was being courted by Henry Baggins. Widow Sackville was pleased that Henry Baggins had recently graduated from the highly respected Merton College, Oxford and had studied grammar, rhetoric, logic, music, mathematics, geography, modern languages, and the physical sciences, including astronomy. He was now working as an architect. Widow Sackville’s youngest daughter, Hanna, was not yet married.

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