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Spring 2010
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

Panda Bronze Medal

The Year: 589 A.D.
The Season: Autumn

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Unite with the ancient clans of Scotland during the time of the Dark Ages as they strive to secure their place in history against Pictii natives, Saxon raiders, and Angle invaders. The coastal kingdom of Dal Riada is established, Gaelic clans push ever deeper inland, spreading east, north and south as they seek a permanent hold. It is a time when allegiance to clan and one’s personal honor bound the very fabric of society, when the song of striking claidheamh rang true through the haunting glens of the highlands as the people fought to carve out the foundation of what would become Scotland. Against this harsh and ruthless backdrop the advent of a new religion enters the land, bearing the simple message of peace and love...

~ The Story So Far ~

Scotland Reference Library

~ The Scotia Novel Threads ~

Dalriada - Dunadd
Dalriada - Kilt & Thistle
Dalriada - Lorne
Dalriada – Tarbert
Gododdin - Traprain Law
Gwynedd - Deganwy
Hinterlands - Pictland Mar
The Outer Isles
Pictland - Abernathy
Pictland - Caisteal Urchurdan
Pictland - Craig Phadrig
Pictland - Dun Deardruil
Pictland - Glen Mor
Pictland - Glen Urchurdan
Rheged - Brogwm
Rheged – Caer Lugus
Strathclyde - Borderlands
Strathclyde - Dumbarton
Ynys Manau

~ The Scotia StoryBoard Threads ~

Clan Stats
Resource Library

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